How to spell SABOTER correctly?

The correct spelling for "saboter" is actually "sabotage". Sabotage means to deliberately destroy or obstruct something. Other similar correct spellings could include "saboteur" which refers to a person who carries out sabotage or "sabot" which is a type of device used to obstruct machinery.

List of suggestions on how to spell saboter correctly

  • saber I learned how to fence using a saber.
  • sabot He tried to wear his new shoes, but he found out that there was a sabot in one of them.
  • saboteur The authorities suspected a saboteur was responsible for the recent power outage in the city.
  • saboteurs The company believed that the recent technological glitches were the result of saboteurs working against them.
  • salter The chef at the restaurant was very specific about the amount of salt the salter should dispense when seasoning the dishes.
  • saunter I saunter over to the store to buy some ice cream.
  • scooter

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