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How to spell SALTES correctly?

The correct spelling for "saltes" could be "salts" or "scales", depending on the context. If someone is referring to a seasoning ingredient, "salts" is the correct spelling. If someone is referring to a measurement tool, "scales" would be the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell saltes correctly

  • salads I always add chicken to my salads for extra protein.
  • sales The company hired more employees to increase their sales.
  • salted
  • salter The train was so crowded, I had to stand next to the salter.
  • salts I added some salts to the water to make it more buoyant.
  • salutes The soldier salutes to show respect for his commanding officer.
  • Salves I always carry salves in my backpack in case of skin irritations.
  • sates The delicious meal sates my hunger completely.
  • slates The teacher instructed the students to write their names on the slates before passing them to the front of the classroom.
  • solutes It is important to dissolve the solutes in the water before adding.

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