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How to spell SCHOKING correctly?

The correct spelling for "schoking" is "shocking". It is a common error people make when typing quickly or not paying enough attention. Suggestions to correct the misspelling include using autocorrect, referring to a dictionary or reading the text aloud before submitting.

List of suggestions on how to spell schoking correctly

  • choking The man was choking on his food and gasping for air.
  • coking The process of coking converts coal into coke, which is then used as a fuel in steelmaking.
  • cooking
  • scheming She had been scheming to get that promotion for months.
  • schooling I decided to continue my schooling by pursuing a master's degree.
  • Scooping I was scooping ice cream for the entire birthday party.
  • scooting I saw the little boy scooting down the driveway on his skateboard.
  • scoping The team is currently scoping the project to determine its overall feasibility.
  • scoring She was scoring points with her argument.
  • smoking
  • spooking The sound of a branch snapping in the quiet forest was spooking the hikers.
  • stoking I was stoking the fire while my husband was opening the packages.

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