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How to spell SEARVED correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "searved", there are a few possible correct suggestions. "Served" is the most likely choice, indicating that something was provided or given to someone. Other options could include "starved", indicating extreme hunger or "served", if the intended meaning was related to cooking or preparing food.

List of suggestions on how to spell searved correctly

  • carved The wooden statue was intricately carved with fine details.
  • heaved She heaved a sigh of relief when she found out she passed the exam.
  • leaved She leaved her science textbook on her desk before leaving for lunch.
  • Nerved She nerved herself to confront the bully.
  • Salved He applied ointment to the wound, and the pain was salved.
  • saved I saved my money for months in order to buy a new laptop.
  • Scarfed The hungry dog scarfed down his food in seconds.
  • seabed The seabed is a harsh place, with little vegetation.
  • sealed Someone has sealed my fate.
  • seamed The dress was seamed all the way up the back.
  • Searched She searched through the closet for an outfit to wear to the party.
  • seared The chef seared the steak to give it a crispy outer texture.
  • seated She was seated silently in her chair, lost in thought.
  • serve I am going to serve lunch now.
  • Served I was served my eviction notice this morning.
  • server I need to restart the server to fix the connectivity issues.
  • serves
  • shaved I shaved today and it felt great.
  • Sheaved Sheaved wool is collected and cut into shavings.
  • Slaved The workers slaved over the project all night to meet the deadline.
  • Soared The birds were perched so high in the sky, they soared.
  • starve Many people around the world starve due to poverty and lack of access to food.
  • starved The prisoners had starved for days until they were finally given some food.
  • Staved I stepped on a staved piece of wood and cried out in pain.
  • Swerved The car swerved suddenly to avoid hitting the pedestrian.
  • Weaved Weaved a web of lies to cover up what we did.

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