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How to spell SEEES correctly?

If you've misspelled "seees", you might be trying to write "sees". Double-check the spelling and make sure you've used the correct number of letters. Other suggestions could be "eyes", "seeks" or "seeds". Proofreading your work can help catch errors like these.

List of suggestions on how to spell seees correctly

  • scenes The scenes of the play are powerful and emotional.
  • sears I bought a tie at Sears.
  • seas The sailor was excited to explore the vast open seas.
  • SECS
  • see
  • Seeds I need to plant some seeds in order to grow new plants.
  • seekers The new job posting attracted a large number of applicants, including many eager job seekers.
  • seeks She seeks revenge on him for what he did.
  • seems It seems to me like you've been working hard lately.
  • seeps Water seeps from the cracks in the walls of the old, abandoned building.
  • seer She claimed to be a seer, capable of seeing the future.
  • SEERS Many Seers are born with the gift of prophecy.
  • sees The old woman sees her granddaughter off to the school bus every morning.
  • seethes He seethes with anger whenever he thinks about the injustice he faced.
  • segues She seamlessly segues from one topic to another during our conversations.
  • seines The fishermen used seines to catch a large number of fish in the river.
  • seizes When he seizes the opportunity to speak, he always delivers a powerful message.
  • sens
  • series
  • serves
  • sets
  • settees The living room was cozy with two comfortable settees facing each other.
  • Seuss
  • severs The power outage severs the connection between the two buildings.
  • sewers The city's sewers are in dire need of repair.
  • sews
  • sexes There are some animals that have different physical characteristics between the sexes, such as male peacocks having colorful feathers while the females do not.
  • sieges Historians have recorded multiple sieges throughout history, including the siege of Troy and the siege of Jerusalem.
  • sieves
  • sneers He always sneers at people who don't agree with his political views.
  • steers The farmer steers his tractor towards the barn.
  • sues

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