Correct spelling for SEGEGATION

We think the word segegation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for segegation

  • Subjugation(Definition of subjugation)
  • While harpagus was completing the subjugation of the west, cyrus was making conquest of upper asia, and overthrew the kingdom of assyria, of which the chief city was babylon, a very wonderful city, wherein there had ruled two famous queens, semiramis and nitocris.

  • Section(Definition of section)
  • He was almost certain of a hearty welcome; there were few disloyal to the south in that section.

  • Dejection(Definition of dejection)
  • Looking at her earnestly, as he approached nearer, he saw the traces of tears, and an air of dejection in her countenance, which turned all his anger to pity and tenderness in an instant.

  • Seduction(Definition of seduction)
  • For years alba had been so proud of the ray of seduction cast forth by the countess, so proud of those statuesque arms, of the superb carriage, of the face which defied the passage of time, of the bloom of opulent life the glorious creature displayed.

  • Secretion(Definition of secretion)
  • If one wishes to trace the idea of internal secretion by cells to an individual, it is convenient, if not pedantic, to give the credit to theophile de bordeu, a famous physician of paris in the eighteenth century.

  • Selection(Definition of selection)
  • Even with p. v. breeders you must use care in selecting the young, and it is wise when starting with a few of our breeders to sell your squabs for a time and buy more of our breeders until your flock is large enough to have a good selection to choose from.

  • Ejection(Definition of ejection)
  • The goal toward which mr. dixon is striving is the ejection from america of nearly ten million of his fellow citizens, against the overwhelming majority of whom he can allege no unusual offense save that they are of african descent.

  • Suggestion(Definition of suggestion)
  • Here a contemptible suggestion offered itself to conrad.

  • Rejection(Definition of rejection)
  • But alice was steadfast in her rejection.

  • Segregation(Definition of segregation)
  • Then, thousands moved from the rural south to the urban north to escape the growth of segregation and to find economic advancement.

583.33333333333 words made from the letters segegation

5 letter words made from segegation:

anges, eaten, igene, isneg, geton, netas, insta, ganis, estan, gatis, inset, gosen, eggan, ganoe, eigen, angst, agons, asing, gagen, gotee, etian, eesti, eosin, ginge, gones, atone, etens, gings, ainee, netes, egion, negai, agone, inese, ngsit, etang, gaint, aisne, entia, neots, natos, eggen, enset, eigon, inose, ginga, aeons, eatin, agins, giano, gente, agene, gaite, entsi, gesto, eines, eisen, egest, goten, anise, engag, agent, antos, goans, gotan, niese, gites, genea, aiton, gante, niete, intoe, naito, eason, gosei, agoge, aneto, aenos, genas, nates, gasto, angei, einat, ieast, getae, gigas, geats, gogan, istoe, goeas, aegon, agito, ignat, gnats, gagne, gongs, niota, aegis, iotas, anese, enets, giant, gotse, gents, ation, atoni, isnot, anios, anees, gages, geits, genet, gonia, eanes, gangi, neato, neige, gigot, gieen, isnae, gnast, ingos, getin, genis, isang, gigan, ganes, estai, goian, gnags, gates, agnos, eagon, ganso, eison, anesi, ngaio, egton, goias, geise, ginas, going, aging, enate, aetos, nigga, etnas, nieto, ineos, agege, ieong, geens, ainge, egans, goins, anigo, gogat, gigen, neste, etons, angio, isone, aesti, atong, etage, ngati, ingot, neeti, anies, genoa, gegen, goens, aints, giese, negot, genge, natio, genga, aisen, ngota, itoen, isogg, gines, giang, nisga, getgo, ianto, neset, etsin, ating, gangs, agong, esten, asten, astin, nease, geant, gigon, atene, egnot.

4 letter words made from segegation:

goit, aeon, otis, gigo, seat, gens, goan, oast, gets, naso, gene, gget, tons, nego, sita, eats, togi, eggs, stag, ties, sieg, eoan, ngoi, tang, gist, ngog, anti, toge, gnat, taee, eeto, agog, engi, gait, gign, gaen, egis, asin, eteo, ogae, sine, eang, anio, goas, taei, seta, sent, song, ting, gage, sate, iggo, gogi, sein, tags, goti, taon, ings, igon, nega, agio, nito, tean, ogan, nets, sene, taos, goat, iago, esna, gien, sion, nato, iton, note, segi, gaon, nest, east, eega, snog, gons, sian, tiao, oate, inge, gona, oena, geta, gean, nast, onge, gain, gaio, inga, sege, sago, gati, ngee, ages, iong, egin, seoi, nose, gone, gion, eien, taig, sing, neat, nigg, toea, ogea, sone, seen, gato, tone, nags, eons, gent, itno, iota, gong, sogn, nget, egen, gois, sage, tegg, egge, gate, geto, ease, eeas, goes, nits, ogin, sant, inoa, oita, igno, toei, nogg, ante, snot, tian, sang, tion, iten, gega, site, teso, teen, egna, igoe, egoi, sign, sane, asio, ogie, osen, agni, snit, nige, inst, togs, ento, tsen, tine, etna, gogs, oeta, gagn, goga, tagg, toga, ngae, nagi, agno, gang, snag.

3 letter words made from segegation:

gig, egg, ans, tea, iso, ent, eta, ige, nig, gag, ion, eeg, tie, oas, ies, ego, get, tog, gin, set, tan, eon, iga, tao, igg, tia, net, ese, tai, sin, ane, tin, tee, see, ant, ate, ene, gat, sea, sit, eat, oat, gee, est, ten, ain, one, tag, neo, ago, nit, ani, eos, nog, ton, sat, sag, toe, nag, son, gen, age, nee, not, teg, gas, sen, sot, goa.