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How to spell SELLD correctly?

"Selld" is a common misspelling of the word "sell". To correct this error, consider suggestions like: "sell", "sold", "selling" or "seller". Ensuring correct spelling is crucial to effective communication, promoting clarity and professionalism in written texts. Verify spellings to avoid confusion and maintain the integrity of your message.

List of suggestions on how to spell selld correctly

  • Belled The old church in the village was belled with a magnificent set of chimes.
  • cell
  • Celled Humans are multicellular organisms while bacteria are single-celled organisms.
  • cello She played the cello beautifully in the concert.
  • felled During the storm, many trees were felled and blocked the road.
  • geld
  • gelled I was expectantly waiting for my salad, but it came with a small bowl of gelled salad instead.
  • held I held his hand as we walked down the street.
  • jelled I can't believe you're going to leave me again - it's like you jelled with that girl from across the room
  • lld
  • meld The chef was attempting to meld together different flavors and ingredients to create a unique dish.
  • salad I always make sure to include a salad in my diet to get my daily dose of vegetables.
  • sally Sally and Sally walked to the store.
  • scald The boiling water will scald your skin if you're not careful.
  • scold My mother used to scold me when I forgot to wash the dishes.
  • seal In order to protect our food from contamination we need to use a seal.
  • sealed
  • seed I planted a seed in the soil and now I'm waiting for it to grow.
  • self I need to focus on my self-care routine to improve my overall well-being.
  • sell
  • seller The seller offered to reduce the price of the car to make the sale.
  • sells
  • send
  • shelled The young soldier shelled the enemy's position all night.
  • sill The room had a large window that looked out onto the sill.
  • silly
  • sled The sled was an old piece of furniture that we used to use when we were kids.
  • Slid I accidentally slid on the ice on my way to class.
  • Smelled I smelled the roses and was immediately transported to my grandmother's garden.
  • sold I recently sold my old car and bought a new one.
  • soled
  • solid
  • spelled The word spelled backwards is "liar.
  • stella Stella is a talented artist who creates beautiful paintings.
  • sulla
  • sully The scandal will sully his reputation forever.
  • swelled My feet swelled up after walking in the hot sun.
  • veld I rode my bike through the veld.
  • weld The weld on the metal pipe held up perfectly under the intense pressure.
  • Welled After a storm, the roads were welled up with water.
  • yelled He yelled at the top of his lungs for help, but no one came.

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