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How to spell SEVEM correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "sevem", don't worry, it happens to everyone! The correct suggestion for it is "seven". It's easy to confuse letters or make typos, but with a little attention, we can rectify such mistakes. Remember, double-checking your spelling is always a great practice.

List of suggestions on how to spell sevem correctly

  • salem Salem is a city in Massachusetts that played a significant role in the history of the Salem witch trials.
  • save
  • saved I saved my allowance money to buy my favorite book.
  • saver Using coupons and buying in bulk is a great way to be a savvy saver.
  • saves He saves a percentage of his monthly income for emergency purposes.
  • seam I need to sew up the seam in my shirt.
  • sebum Sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin.
  • seem
  • Selim Selim is a very popular name in Turkey.
  • serum
  • serve I will serve the customers at the restaurant.
  • Served The waiter served the delicious food to the customers.
  • server The server crashed due to overwhelming traffic.
  • serves
  • seven
  • sever
  • severe
  • severn
  • severs The heavy storm severs the power lines, leaving the entire neighborhood without electricity.
  • sieve I need to sift the flour with a sieve to eliminate any lumps.
  • sieved My gingerbread house was sieved in the process.
  • sieves She sifted the flour through two different sieves to make sure it was perfectly fine.
  • Soever I will stand by you, whatsoever may come or go, soever may be the condition.
  • stem I need to find a stem for these roses.
  • Sven Sven has a blue bike.

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