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How to spell SHANES correctly?

If you're constantly misspelling "shanes", worry not, here are some possible suggestions to help you get it right. Consider "shines", "shames" or "shanes". However, the correct spelling is actually "shins". Remember to double-check next time to avoid confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell shanes correctly

  • chines
  • shades She wore a large hat with shades that covered her face.
  • shakes When she's nervous, her whole body shakes.
  • Shames He shames himself with the way he treats his family.
  • Shane
  • shanks My shanks are starting to feel a bit lonely.
  • shapes I can't remember the name of the shapes game we used to play as kids.
  • shares He asked his friend to buy some shares in the company he works for.
  • shaves
  • Shawnees The Shawnees were a Native American tribe who lived in the Ohio Valley.
  • Shiners I wanted to try a new beer so I ordered a Shiners.
  • shines Her smile shines through her tears.
  • SHINS My feet hurt from being in India for so long, I need some SHINS.
  • shuns The new employee shuns socializing with coworkers during lunch breaks.
  • shyness Her shyness prevented her from approaching him.
  • thanes The thanes were the king's loyal and trusted advisors.

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