Correct spelling for SINGLKE

We think the word singlke is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for singlke

  • Silk(Definition of silk)
  • As he spoke he was wiping his round head all over with a red silk handkerchief.

  • Winglike(Definition of winglike)
  • The boatmen had cried out with a wild, fierce note of surprise on perceiving the party, and the canoe was coming straight across to the bank as fast as the winglike paddles could propel it. willinawaugh rode slowly down to meet them, and in contrast to the usual impassive manners of the indians he replied to the agitated hail in a tone of tense and eager excitement.

  • Silky(Definition of silky)
  • To his astonishment each separate, silky hair was loaded with dew.

  • Ringlike
  • Seen with a telescope of the better sort, the moon reveals itself to be in large part made up of circular depressions, each surrounded by a ringlike wall, with nearly level but rough places between.

  • Synge
  • But those who would revel in the old tale and have deirdre lead them by the hand into the enchanted realm of the romance of misty, ancient days of our western isles must go for help to fiona macleod, to alexander carmichael, to lady gregory, to dr. douglas hyde, to w. f. skene, to w. b. yeats, to j. m. synge, and to those others who, like true descendants of the druids, possess the power of unlocking the entrance gates of the green islands of the blest.

  • Saintlike
  • 354, whose life is represented by marcellinus as anything but saintlike, and who is supposed to have been confused in her canonization with a sainted nun of the same name.

  • Singled
  • Biddy singled out one of these women as an object of almost fearful interest, and got into a way of watching for her as she passed truslow manor every morning to her work.

  • Singlet(Definition of singlet)
  • We are now engaged in the hell of a dead calm, the heat is cruel-it is the only time when i suffer from heat: i have nothing on but a pair of serge trousers, and a singlet without sleeves of oxford gauze-o, yes, and a red sash about my waist; and yet as i sit here in the cabin, sweat streams from me. the rest are on deck under a bit of awning; we are not much above a hundred miles from port, and we might as well be in kamschatka.

  • Sinker(Definition of sinker)
  • Now we must place the sinker on those skids.

  • Snake(Definition of snake)
  • "on second thoughts," replied leon, "i don't think it is a snake."

  • Singular(Definition of singular)
  • He was in fact a singular fellow.

  • Senile(Definition of senile)
  • It was whispered, too, that the military glory of him of the marshal ney physiognomy was due to the good fortune of a senile field-marshal for an opponent.

  • Singly(Definition of singly)
  • The wall is double; the outer part being formed of reeds tied very neatly to the framework in small, regular bundles, the inner layer or wall being made of reeds attached singly.

  • Sink(Definition of sink)
  • He cannot stand alone; if left to himself he will sink back rapidly into savagery."

  • Single(Definition of single)
  • It was aurora that uttered the single word, in a puzzled tone.

  • Singles(Definition of singles)
  • Colledge singles, grandsire doubles, college exercise, and college pleasure are fairly simple; but without a dodge provokes thought, and woodbine violet must have been named by the village poet.

207 words made from the letters singlke

5 letter words made from singlke:

kilns, genis, ingel, skein, ligne, selin, kines, lenig, linke, kinel, ingls, lings, links, liens, eskin, genki, slink, sengi, likes, inkle, seing, nelis, elsik, geils, silen, liken, skien, gines, klien, nikel, linge, klein, gelin, elkin, lensk, liske, lengs, leski, kelis, eglin, sleng, kleis, segni, kilen, gleis, eling, kling, singe, sigel, glens, senki, neski, insel, knies, isneg, kisel, genil, ginks, kline, singl, kenis, legin, ekins, lisek, enigk, leins, egils, glisk, sling, klieg, sinek, kigen, senil, kings.

4 letter words made from singlke:

engi, sknl, giel, lnge, leik, genk, lens, eski, kiln, siel, ings, sign, siek, inle, leni, ekgs, lein, skeg, kine, eksi, nike, gnel, egli, legi, ekin, inks, like, liek, lesk, igel, glis, link, sieg, kein, glen, knie, enki, inge, seik, isle, klen, eisk, lien, ling, klin, keng, iken, segi, sink, sine, nile, seki, elks, skle, sein, seli, egis, snel, line, sing, egin, kegs, geki, skei, gien, legs, skin, keil, selk, kgil, lisk, ikle, klei, silk, king, kegl, nige, lies, gens, enik, glik, nisl.

3 letter words made from singlke:

ilk, elk, lin, gen, ink, ekg, gin, ski, nil, gel, ies, enl, ike, ken, nig, ige, lei, lie, leg, sle, lek, sin, keg, kin, sen.

6 letter words made from singlke:

keling, inkles, elkins, singel, genlis, klinge, single, ingels, klines, kingle, likens, nilges, kilgen, skelin, ginkel, gilkes, lenski, lignes, ingles, glikes, lesnik, silken, kinsel, elsing.

7 letter words made from singlke:

kingles, kesling.