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How to spell SITATED correctly?

If you intended to type "sitated" but misspelled it, here are some possible correct suggestions: "seated", "stated", "sited" or "serrated". Remember to proofread and double-check your spelling to avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell sitated correctly

  • Hesitated
  • sated After eating a full plate of spaghetti, I felt sated and satisfied.
  • satiated After eating a large meal, I finally felt satiated and didn't want any more food.
  • seated I was seated at the front row during the concert.
  • sedated I feel so sedated after just taking a pill.
  • Sited The new building is sited on the east side of the campus.
  • situate We need to situate the storage room closer to the loading dock for easier access.
  • situated The hotel is situated in a prime location for easy access to all the nearby attractions.
  • Spitted
  • started I started my day early by going for a run.
  • state The state of California has beautiful beaches and warm weather.
  • stated He stated that he was not involved.
  • stater Some ancient Greek coins were called stater.

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