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How to spell SIVEL correctly?

The correct suggestions for the misspelling "sivel" could be "civil" or "sieve". "Civil" refers to being polite and respectful, while "sieve" is a mesh-like utensil used for straining liquids or separating fine particles. Double-checking spelling is crucial to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell sivel correctly

  • bevel
  • civet The civet is a nocturnal mammal native to Africa and Asia.
  • civil The civil rights movement was a pivotal moment in American history.
  • gavel
  • havel
  • hovel
  • level She wanted to level the playing field for all students.
  • lively
  • navel She tried to hide her navel piercing with a longer shirt.
  • novel I just finished reading an excellent novel about time travel.
  • ravel She had to ravel the yarn back up after her cat got into it.
  • revel The partygoers continued to revel until the early hours of the morning.
  • rival
  • Sahel The Sahel region of Africa experiences frequent droughts and desertification due to climate change.
  • save I am going to save money for my summer vacation.
  • saved He saved the bird from the cat's claws.
  • saver Using a coupon is a great saver for me.
  • saves He always saves money every month to build a safety cushion for himself.
  • seven I have seven options to choose from.
  • sever
  • shovel I need to grab a shovel so I can dig a hole for this tree.
  • sibyl The sibyl was known for her prophetic abilities and wise counsel.
  • sieve
  • sieved I sieved the flour before I mixed it in with the sugar.
  • sieves I need to buy new sieves for baking because mine are old and rusty.
  • sill
  • silver The moon was shining silver in the night sky.
  • sisal The basket was made from sisal fibers.
  • siva
  • sivan The month of Sivan is known for its religious celebrations.
  • sliver I managed to find a sliver of a gap in the fence to peek through.
  • snivel
  • spiel Her spiel about the company's new product was convincing.
  • stael
  • steel The steel handcuffs were tight against his wrists.
  • Sven Sven is happy to finally be out of the hospital.
  • swivel I was able to turn my chair around to face the other direction with the swivel function.

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