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How to spell SKAITING correctly?

There are a few possible correct spellings for the misspelling "skaiting". One is "skating", which refers to the activity of gliding on ice or a slippery surface. Another possible spelling is "scouting", which refers to the process of exploring or searching for something. A third option could be "sighting", which refers to the act of observing or seeing something.

List of suggestions on how to spell skaiting correctly

  • kiting Kiting can refer to the act of flying a kite or to the illegal practice of artificially inflating the value of a company's stock.
  • salting I am salting the meat for it to be more flavorful.
  • Sating I'm sating my hunger with a slice of pizza.
  • Scanting The construction team was accused of scanting on the materials used in the building.
  • scatting I needed to get out of there before she caught me scatting.
  • seating The venue offers flexible seating arrangements to accommodate different events.
  • siting The process of siting a new wind farm can be a complex and time-consuming task.
  • skating She loves skating at the ice rink with her friends.
  • skiing
  • skirting The cat was expert at skirting around the edges of the room.
  • Skiving
  • slating After slating his opponent for weeks, the politician was surprised when he lost the election.
  • smarting My hand was still smarting from the burn caused by the hot pan.
  • Smiting The superhero's powerful smiting abilities defeated the evil villain once and for all.
  • Spatting
  • Spiting She was spiting her colleagues by constantly interrupting them in meetings.
  • starting I'm starting to feel better now.
  • Stating
  • suiting I found a dress that was suiting for the job interview.
  • swatting Some people engage in swatting as a cruel prank, not realizing the dangerous consequences.

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