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How to spell SKIDER correctly?

If you've accidentally spelled "skider" instead of something else, don't worry! AutoCorrect may offer alternative suggestions. Some alternatives could be "slider", "snider" or "spider". Double-check the context to determine the correct word. Remember, everyone makes mistakes, but technology can often help us fix them!

List of suggestions on how to spell skider correctly

  • cider I bought a gallon of apple cider from the farmer's market.
  • Kidder
  • seder We celebrate Passover with a traditional seder with all of our family and friends.
  • side The cat sat on the side of the sofa.
  • skater The skater landed a flawless quadruple jump.
  • skid
  • Skidded
  • skids The car suddenly skids on the wet road.
  • Skied
  • skier The skier gracefully descended down the mountain, carving smooth turns in the fresh powder.
  • skiers The skiers enjoyed the slopes on the mountain.
  • skitter The mouse continued to skitter across the floor, eluding the cat's attempts to catch it.
  • Skiver
  • slider A slider is a good way to change the speed of a song.
  • Snider
  • spider

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