Correct spelling for SOOKEN

We think the word sooken is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sooken

  • cozen This morning came my cozen Thos.
  • goon 236. gonne goon, did go. Gonne is a mere auxiliary verb.
  • ken A' ken thae horses, and wha's ahint them.
  • oaken Now all is polish, on which no yesterday's dust is ever allowed to rest, from the yard's width of oaken boards round the carpet, to the old Squire's gun and whips and walking-sticks, ranged on the stag's antlers above the mantelpiece.
  • sake Still, since it was for his little brother Hector's sake, he never dreamed of refusing.
  • scone "I suppose," said Cleek, helping himself to a buttered scone, "I am to infer from what you say that at the period you mentioned, six months ago, the intrepid gentleman showed his courage yet more forcibly by taking a second wife? Young or old?"
  • scorn Jack was speechless with scorn.
  • scorner With violets, roses, flowers of every dye, Baskets they filled and eke their beauteous hands: Then as they dance in joy and amity, The Lord of Montalbano near them stands: Whereat, "Behold the traitor!" loud they cry, Soon as they mark the foe within their bands; "Behold the thief, the scorner of delight, Caught in the trap at last in sorry plight!"
  • seen Phillips had made allowances then for the spell of a first-night enthusiasm and had prepared himself for a rude awakening this morning-he had seen too many plays fail, to put much faith in the fulsomeness of first-nighters-but the words of the doorman carried conviction.
  • sen Moung Sen put his hands to his mouth and hooted twice like an owl.
  • shaken And yet he would not have shaken her probably, even had he dared to do so.
  • sicken Every one knows how apt cavalry horses are to sicken and die off during a campaign.
  • silken Glancing along the wall that faced the big window, he noticed for the first time a huge Afridi, who sat on a stool and leaned back against the silken hangings with arms folded.
  • skein It's a tangled skein enough, I don't deny it; but most skeins are that, and there's always a right end somewhere, if the Lord'll give us sense enough to get hold of it and keep on pulling out and winding up.
  • skew Learned or not learned, said Agrican, you might skew yourself better bred than by endeavouring to make me talk on a subject on which you have me at a disadvantage.
  • skin Then she took the skin.
  • snake The "snake" got but fifty-seven votes.
  • snooker The fine digestive powers of eight-and-twenty had served to assimilate the excellent fare provided by his hosts; he had enjoyed the society of many old comrades, whose pockets he had afterwards lightened at snooker pool; and the few glasses of wine he had drunk had done him no greater harm than to render him, out here under the stars, mildly sentimental about his little girl at Ottermouth.
  • soak Soak it on him, Beans!
  • soaked He sat down on the shore and whittled a soaked shingle into a wooden chain.
  • soaking They worked very hard; for if the rain should set in before the roof was on, their labour would be almost lost from the soaking of the walls.
  • sock He coaxed until at last she came and knelt before him and removed his moccasin and heavy woolen sock.
  • socket When he awoke, the candle was bobbing in its socket, alternately lighting and shadowing the dead man on the table.
  • sodden Allowing the boy to puzzle over the remark, she busied herself pouring water from her sodden shoes.
  • soigne
  • soignee
  • sojourn
  • solon
  • son
  • soon
  • sooner
  • souk
  • sown
  • spokane
  • spoken
  • spoon
  • stone
  • sunken
  • swoon
  • token
  • spooking
  • socking Clarendon Park Road, Clarendon Park Baptist Church Clarendon Park Road, Knighton Public Hall Church Dover Street Erskine Street, Zion Chapel Friar Lane Harvey Lane Ingold Avenue, Socking Farm Loughborough Road, Belgrave Millstone Lane New Park Street / Leamington Street, Emmanuel Union Church New Walk, Leicestershire Sunday School Union Memorial Hall Newarke Street, Providence Chapel Overton Road, New Humberstone Baptist Mission St Peters Lane, Ebenezer Chapel Sanvey Lane, Aylestone Soar Lane Thorpe Street Victoria Road (University Road) Vine Street York Street, Zoar Chapel
  • woken

61 words made from the letters sooken

3 letter words made from sooken:

eos, eon, son, sen, one, neo, ono, kos, ken.

4 letter words made from sooken:

nook, okon, koso, koon, skeo, osen, noke, soon, onos, neko, kons, noko, seok, keno, skon, oken, osek, kone, oseo, nose, onoe, oonk, seko, sone, esko, skoo, oons, eons.

5 letter words made from sooken:

nooke, nokes, kenos, sonke, konoe, oneok, sonko, koose, noske, noose, snoek, snoke, nooks, sooke, koone, konso, osone, skone, kosen, koons, senko, snook, nosek, kones.

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