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How to spell SOUNEDS correctly?

The correct spelling for "souneds" is "sounds". If you come across this misspelling, the best suggestion is to correct it to "sounds" to ensure proper writing. Other possible corrections could include using a spell checker or proofreading your text to catch errors like this.

List of suggestions on how to spell souneds correctly

  • bounds The athlete knew he had to stay within the bounds of the court in order to avoid being called for a foul.
  • founds
  • hounds The hounds were baying loudly, signaling that the prey was nearby.
  • mounds The archaeologists found mounds of artifacts at the ancient burial site.
  • pounds I need to loose some pounds.
  • rounds The doctor made his rounds in the hospital every morning to check on his patients.
  • sonnets Shakespeare wrote sonnets for a romantic purpose.
  • sound The sound of the waves puts me to sleep.
  • sounded He sounded exhausted when he answered the phone.
  • sounders I don't hear any sounders in the distance.
  • sounds The sounds of birds singing outside my window woke me up this morning.
  • sourness The sourness in the lemonade made me pucker my lips.
  • Wounds The doctor carefully cleaned and dressed the wounds on the patient's leg.
  • Zounds Philip Zounds told me that he had solved the maths puzzle.

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