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How to spell SPAW correctly?

If you accidentally typed "spaw" instead of "swap", fret not! Auto-correct can sometimes have its own agenda. Spellcheck, grammar apps or simply glancing at your text can easily identify such errors. Give the "spaw" a twist and correct it to "swap" to convey your intended message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell spaw correctly

  • paw The dog licked his paw as he watched the rain outside.
  • saw I saw the bear on my walk this morning.
  • shaw As the sun began to set, the shaw of the trees provided a cool and shaded spot to rest.
  • slaw After the meal, I decided to have some slaw.
  • spa My mom is treating me to a day at the spa for my birthday.
  • spam I always mark emails from unknown sources as spam to avoid opening any harmful messages.
  • span The span of her neck was amazing.
  • spar I need to spar with a partner to improve my fighting technique.
  • SPAS She loves visiting SPAS to pamper herself after a long week of work.
  • spat The couple had a spat over what to make for dinner.
  • spawn The female fish will travel to the river to spawn.
  • spay The veterinarian recommended that we spay our female cat to prevent any unwanted litters.
  • spew The car's exhaust pipe began to spew thick smoke.

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