Correct spelling for SPOUNSE

We think the word spounse is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for spounse

  • pounce When he listened he suggested to Charmian a mind so alive as to be what she called "on the pounce."
  • spenser Unfortunately this generous patron was killed at the early age of thirty-two, and it was after his decease that Spenser for a time was under a cloud.
  • sponge He had at last himself thrown up the sponge.
  • sponsor At length her sponsor appeared and conducted her along a short corridor past several rooms to a white door which the Prince opened, and then stood aside as Marishka entered.
  • spouse Presently, the grievous news reached his mother and this was to her a fresh grief; but she could not speak and committed her affair to Allah Almighty, for that she durst not name this to King Caesar her spouse, lest she should make her uncle King Sulayman Shah a liar.
  • Spence "I believe it's Blachland," went on Spence.
  • Spouses The poor woman has no children, but the Emperor is allowed other inferior spouses-with no recognised position-to the number of ten.
  • spans So the transplanted Fijians would experience many generations of poorer health and shorter life spans until their genes had been selected for adaptation to the new dietary.
  • spines Scattered over the barrel, between the spines, were glinting specks-vegetable, light-sensitive cells developed into actual visual organs.
  • spoons " Spoons," answered the Scotch preacher.
  • spurns As last his sail-broad vans He spreads for flight; and in the surging smoke Uplifted spurns the ground- -Had not by ill chance The strong rebuff of some tumultuous cloud Instinct with fire and nitre, hurried him As many miles aloft.
  • spins How smooth and quick the year Spins me the seasons round!
  • spouts And through these gurgoyles, these wild faces, carved upon spouts and gutters, flow out, like gathered rain, the bright, abundant thoughts, that have fallen from heaven.
  • spawns
  • de-escalations
  • saliences

101 words made from the letters spounse

3 letter words made from spounse:

pun, eos, sue, one, pus, eon, ops, uns, sup, nsu, pen, neo, poe, sep, sun, pes, sos, sse, sop, use, sou, unp, sen, son, sus.

4 letter words made from spounse:

peon, nose, ueno, puno, peso, eons, sens, suon, puso, pueo, pose, ouen, suos, open, epos, seso, puse, oseu, sups, eous, uses, usen, sops, sonu, opus, sspe, puss, suen, sone, esop, sues, spue, ness, onus, nous, osun, neus, osen, soup, pone, pons.

5 letter words made from spounse:

sonse, posse, noups, supes, upson, souse, susno, soupe, puses, seson, nouse, espnu, sonus, soens, nepos, snoep, opens, peson, esson, eunos, speno, posen, soups, peons, upons, speos, oneup, pones, poses, sones, spens, essop, sensu, spuno, neuss.

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