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How to spell SQARES correctly?

If you're trying to type "sqares" but want the correct spelling, here are a couple of suggestions. The correct spelling of "sqares" is "squares". Double-checking and using spell-check can help you avoid this misspelling and ensure your writing is error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell sqares correctly

  • cares He genuinely cares about his employees' well-being.
  • SABRES The Sabres lost their third game in a row.
  • sages In the ancient library, the sages shared their wisdom with the students.
  • sarges She was carrying a purse full of sarges.
  • saris The women at the wedding wore brightly colored saris.
  • saxes The jazz band had an amazing sound thanks to the talented musicians playing the saxes.
  • scare The loud noise made me jump and scare me.
  • scares The sudden loud noise scares me every time.
  • Scars Her scars were a reminder of the battles she had fought and won.
  • Scarves I love wearing various scarves during winter because they keep me warm and add style to my outfit.
  • scores The basketball team scored high scores in every game this season.
  • shares She sold her shares in the company for a significant profit.
  • sires The sires are the bulls responsible for creating new bull calves.
  • snares The hunter set up several snares to catch rabbits in the forest.
  • sores She had multiple sores on her feet from hiking in ill-fitting shoes.
  • SPARES I have some spares for the repairman.
  • square The park has a beautiful square in the center with a fountain.
  • squared
  • Squarer I have a ruler that is perfect for creating squarer lines.
  • squares She arranged the squares of the quilt in a diagonal pattern.
  • Squires The squires were responsible for attending to the needs of the knights.
  • starers Some people are starers; they keep their hands folded in their lap and never take their eyes off the person speaking.
  • stares He stares at his computer screen for hours, lost in thought.

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