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How to spell SQUICKING correctly?

If you're searching for an alternative to the misspelling "squicking", here are a few likely corrections. It's probable that you meant "squeaking", which refers to a high-pitched sound. Another possibility is "squinching", which involves narrowing your eyes or puckering your face. Make sure to choose the appropriate term for your intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell squicking correctly

  • Quacking The sound of quacking ducks filled the air.
  • quirking He was quirking his eyebrow at the thought of her proposal.
  • Slicking I really need to start Slicking my hair back.
  • Snicking I heard a snicking sound coming from the bedroom.
  • Squawking
  • squeaking The mice were squeaking in the walls all night.
  • squiring She spent the evening squiring him around town.
  • squirming The children were squirming in their seats, eager to be dismissed from class.
  • squirting
  • squishing I hate the feeling of squishing a bug between my fingers.
  • sticking The glue was sticking to my fingers.
  • sucking She was nursing her baby and sucking her thumb.

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