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How to spell SQUKING correctly?

The correct spelling for "squking" is "squeaking". The word refers to a high-pitched sound, typically made by a door or a mouse. Some other similar words include squeal, squeakiness, and squeaky clean. To avoid misspelling this word in the future, you can try using a spell checker tool or practicing your spelling skills regularly.

List of suggestions on how to spell squking correctly

  • quaking The sudden quaking of the ground made us all run for cover.
  • sacking The sacking of the quarterback ultimately led to the team's loss.
  • seeking
  • sinking Although the boat was sinking, the passengers were not aware of the danger as they were enjoying the scenic view.
  • skulking The skulking figure made its way towards the exit.
  • skunking
  • Slaking Villagers reported a huge Slaking roaming the forest.
  • smoking
  • Snaking The snaking line of people waiting for the new iPhone stretched around the block.
  • soaking
  • socking
  • Spiking The use of performance-enhancing drugs often leads to spiking of an athlete's physical abilities.
  • Squaring I am squaring the numbers in this formula to get the area of the shape.
  • Squawking The squawking of the crows was louder than the shouting of the men.
  • squeaking
  • squiring I was visiting my old college friend and we were squiring each other around town.
  • Staking Staking is a way to secure a position in a race or bet.
  • stoking She was stoking the fire with logs to keep the cabin warm.
  • sucking She was sucking my dick when she accidently spilled her drink on me.
  • sulking After getting a bad grade on his test, he spent the rest of the day sulking in his room.

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