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How to spell STABED correctly?

One possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "stabed" is "stabbed", the past tense of the verb "to stab". Other possible suggestions could include "stayed", "stared" or "staed", depending on the context and intended meaning of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell stabed correctly

  • sated After eating a big meal, I felt sated and didn't have any more room for dessert.
  • Scabbed The wound on his knee has scabbed over and is starting to heal.
  • seabed A team of explorers discovered a seabed of oil and gas.
  • seated After pulling herself up, she seated herself on the curb.
  • Sobbed She sobbed uncontrollably when she heard the devastating news.
  • stab He tried to stab his opponent with a knife during the fight.
  • stabbed
  • stabber I was stabbed by the stabber.
  • stable After years of instability, the patient's condition finally became stable.
  • Stabled
  • Stabler Detective Stabler is one of the most iconic characters of the TV show Law & Order: SVU.
  • stabs He stabs his steak with a fork before taking a bite.
  • stacked
  • staffed The store is fully staffed for the holiday rush.
  • staged The concert was staged to raise money for charity.
  • staid She kept her staid mannerisms in check during their conversation.
  • stained
  • Staked She staked her claim on the property before anyone else had a chance to.
  • Staled Councilman Staled advised against voting for the proposal because he believed that it would be ineffective.
  • Stalled Traffic is stalled on the interstate.
  • stand I need to stand up so I can make my escape.
  • stared I stared at the bizarre creature before me.
  • starred The movie starred Sigourney Weaver.
  • started I started reading the book yesterday.
  • starved The refugees had starved for weeks before the aid arrived.
  • stashed He stashed the money in the hidden compartment of his suitcase.
  • state We are visiting the state of Mississippi.
  • stated He stated that he had been out for a walk.
  • stater
  • Staved He was stabbed through the neck with a staved-in pipe.
  • Stayed I stayed in the hotel for two nights.
  • steamed The vegetables were steamed before they were put into the soup.
  • steed He galloped his steed across the open field.
  • Stubbed The sound of a stubbed toe sends shivers down your spine.
  • subbed I subbed in for my colleague during her lunch break.
  • Swabbed I swabbed the counter for fingerprints.
  • tabbed He was sitting at the back of the bus, reading a book and taking tabbed notes.
  • tubed

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