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How to spell STAFED correctly?

If you meant to type "staffed" but mistakenly wrote "stafed", fret not! Autocorrect can often play tricks on us. A few possible correct suggestions to consider are "staffed" (with two "f's"), "staved" (which means to break, like a barrel) or "stayed" (which means to remain in a place).

List of suggestions on how to spell stafed correctly

  • sated After eating the delicious meal, I finally felt sated and content.
  • saved He saved enough money to buy a car.
  • staff The staff at the hotel was very helpful and accommodating.
  • staffed
  • staffer
  • staged
  • staid The atmosphere in the office was staid and serious, with everyone focused on their work.
  • Staked Tom staked his claim on the gold mine.
  • Staled The bread staled quickly in the humid summer air.
  • stared The little girl stared at the colorful balloons in amazement.
  • starved The victim had starved for three days before being found.
  • state
  • stated
  • stave He used a sturdy stave to support himself while hiking up the steep mountain trail.
  • Staved
  • Stayed
  • steed The knight rode his trusty steed onto the battle field.
  • stiffed He stiffed the waiter by leaving without paying the bill.
  • stifled She attempted to hold back her laughter but was ultimately stifled by the absurdity of the situation.
  • strafed The enemy warplanes strafed our troops on the ground during the intense battle.
  • stuffed I am feeling stuffed after eating that huge dinner.

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