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How to spell STAPPED correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "stapped", it is likely that the intended word is "strapped". This correction is suitable if referring to being securely fastened or tied down. Alternatively, if "stapped" refers to a misspelling of "stepped", it's essential to rectify it to convey taking a step.

List of suggestions on how to spell stapped correctly

  • Sapped The long hike sapped all of my strength, and I collapsed onto the ground.
  • Sipped She sipped her tea slowly, enjoying the steamy aroma and the warmth of the mug in her hands.
  • slapped She slapped him after he made an inappropriate comment.
  • Snapped She snapped her fingers three times and the lights turned off.
  • Soaped She soaped up her hands before washing them thoroughly.
  • Sopped
  • stamped
  • stampede The crowd started to stampede when they heard the gunshots.
  • stapled I stapled my report and turned it in.
  • Steeped The tea was steeped for exactly three minutes to ensure the perfect strength and flavor.
  • steppe The steppe is a vast grassland, home to many nomadic tribes.
  • Stepped She stepped on the gas pedal and raced down the highway.
  • stippled The artist stippled the background of the painting to create a textured effect.
  • stooped The old man stooped to pick up his cane which he had dropped on the ground.
  • stopped
  • Stoppled His stoppled legs barely touched the ground.
  • Strapped I was strapped to the table for hours.
  • stripped She stripped down for her shower and then stepped into the hot water.
  • Stropped The old man meticulously stropped his straight razor before shaving his face.
  • Supped Hannah and her friends Supped on pizza after their movie.
  • Swapped Carolyn and David swapped their sandwiches at lunch.
  • taped I taped my show before I left for work.
  • tapped He tapped his pencil on the desk while he thought.
  • tappet The engine governor needs to be adjusted, it's been making unusual noises lately, known as 'tappet noise'.
  • tipped The waitress tipped her hat to the customers as she left for the day.
  • topped I topped my Yogurt with strawberries.
  • zapped After being zapped by the wizard, he was turned into a frog.

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