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How to spell STELING correctly?

If you meant "stealing", try that. If you meant a different word altogether, some suggestions might be "staring", "stinging", "stelling" or "stellingen."

List of suggestions on how to spell steling correctly

  • seedling The gardener carefully planted the seedling in the soil and watered it daily until it grew into a tall, healthy plant.
  • settling After much thought and consideration, John finally made the decision of settling in a quiet suburban area.
  • Sidling The cat was sidling along the wall, trying to go unnoticed by the dog.
  • stalin Stalin was a controversial dictator of the Soviet Union.
  • Staling
  • stalling The car's engine was stalling due to the low fuel pressure.
  • starling The starling has a fondness for seeds.
  • stealing Stealing is a crime that is punishable by law.
  • Steeling The act of steeling oneself before a difficult conversation often helps to maintain composure.
  • sterling The jeweler sold me a beautiful sterling silver necklace.
  • stewing She was stewing about her lost job opportunity all night.
  • Stilling The stilling of the wind made for a peaceful evening on the lake.
  • Stirling Stirling is a city in central Scotland known for its historical castle and scenic countryside.
  • Styling She's really good at styling her hair.

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