Correct spelling for STRKING

We think the word strking is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for strking

  • Sticking
  • I've the very best of reasons for sticking to it.

  • Staring
  • It's staring at me!"

  • Stocking
  • The use of parish workhouse children also was a cheap supply of labor which forced down the wages of the stocking knitters.

  • Starring
  • The 1981 bbc series the borgias, starring oliver cotton as cesare borgia.

  • Storing
  • I explained the necessity of storing the gunpowder in a fireproof building.

  • Strain
  • But, monsieur, at my age,-and i'm fifty-two years old, with eyes that feel the strain at night,-ought i to be working in this way?

  • Stirring
  • As he stepped into the corridor he heard, below, a sound at the great door, and the stirring of the night watchman on post.

  • String
  • Take your great lyre and touch the brazen string: the monsters will flee.

  • Stringy
  • If it is stringy and difficult to work, it can be broken up by rapidly twisting the brush in the glue-pot.

  • Dematerialization
  • The united states central securities depository, the dtc, has continued to promote efforts to completely eliminate paper stock certificates, a process called dematerialization.

  • Staking
  • An enfevered and motley mob hustle one another around the long green table-covers: turcos out for the day and staking their double halfpence, moorish traders from the native town, negroes, maltese, colonists from the inland, who have come forty leagues in order to risk on a turning card the price of a plough or of a yoke of oxen; all a-quivering, pale, clenching their teeth, and with that singular, wavering, sidelong look of the gamester, become a squint from always staring at the same card in the lay-out.

  • Strong
  • He had a cold, and was not so strong as he used to be, and should not have gone to the meeting at all.

  • Strung
  • Whereas, owing to her delicate constitution, julie's fatigue usually showed itself in complete physical exhaustion, hester's frequently took the form of intense mental excitement, when the chords of her buoyant nature were strung to their highest pitch.

  • Stroking
  • "i bring two guests," said phoebus, and instantly the statues crowded round, stroking the girls' hair, patting their cheeks, and calling them the prettiest love-names.

  • Striking
  • "there's five o'clock striking.

  • Stoking
  • She listened eagerly to his description of the stoking hole with the flames weirdly lighting up the figures of the busy stokers.

  • Streaking
  • I went a rod or two down the lane, round a curve in the wall, and watched the bands of light streaking the eastern sky, in utter content.

  • Stacking
  • Sometimes these were day fatigues under the r.e.; more frequently for the a.s.c. or ordnance at one or other of the beaches, unloading and stacking stores and ammunition; but most of our work was by night, when large parties were employed under the r.e. in the construction of main communication trenches to enable troops to be moved up to the various sectors of the firing line without using the exposed roads or crossing the open.

80 words made from the letters strking

3 letter words made from strking:

kit, gsr, sit, irk, nit, kin, tin, gin, ski, rig, nig, sin, sir, ink, rit, tri, irs.

5 letter words made from strking:

kring, gknst, tsing, ginks, skint, tings, rings, kings, snirt, tinks, kirst, stink, kinst, stirk, ngsit, rinks, tngri, grist, grits, sting, girts, strik, grins, strin, skirt, girns, kirns, tring, stirn, sring.

4 letter words made from strking: