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How to spell STUFED correctly?

Possible corrections for the misspelling "stufed" could be "stuffed" or "stuffing". These correct spellings can be used when referring to a full or packed item, such as a stuffed animal or stuffing for a Thanksgiving turkey.

List of suggestions on how to spell stufed correctly

  • Scuffed The leather shoes were scuffed and in need of polishing.
  • Snuffed I snuffed the candle before going to bed.
  • staffed The facility is fully staffed with competent and trained professionals.
  • Staved He staved off his hunger by eating some crackers before dinner.
  • steed The noble knight rode his trusty steed into battle.
  • stiffed After she stiffed him on the rent, he decided to move out.
  • stifled
  • strafed The enemy plane strafed the town with machine gun fire.
  • Stubbed
  • stud I need to find a stud in the wall to hang this heavy picture frame.
  • studded
  • studied I studied for six hours straight last night to prepare for my final exam.
  • stuff I have too much stuff in my closet and I need to declutter.
  • stuffed I really shouldn't have eaten so much turkey, I feel completely stuffed.
  • stuffy The small room was stuffy and hot, making it difficult to breathe.
  • stunned My teacher was stunned when she found out that I could solve the math problem in less than a minute.
  • surfed The group surfed the waves together in Hawaii.
  • Sutured After his surgery, the wound was sutured with small, delicate stitches.
  • Turfed The sports team was turfed out of their home stadium due to renovations.

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