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How to spell SULKEN correctly?

If you have mistakenly spelled 'sulken,' don't worry! The correct spelling is 'sulking.' This term refers to someone who is silent, moody or pouting. So, if you want to convey that someone is in a sullen and bad-tempered mood, make sure to use the appropriate spelling, 'sulking.'

List of suggestions on how to spell sulken correctly

  • sicken The smell of rotten eggs can sicken even the strongest stomach.
  • silken The silken fabric draped beautifully across the couch.
  • sulk John's team lost the match, causing him to sulk in the locker room.
  • sulked After not getting his way, he sulked in the corner of the room.
  • Sulkies The drivers in the harness race were riding their sulkies down the track.
  • sulking Even after his apology, she continued sulking for hours.
  • Sulks Every time he loses, he sulks for hours.
  • sulky My sister was sulky all day after losing the game.
  • sullen The child sat in the corner, sullen and withdrawn, ignoring everyone around him.
  • sunken The Titanic lay sunken on the ocean floor for over 70 years before it was discovered by a team of deep-sea explorers.

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