Correct spelling for SUNCE

We think the word sunce is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sunce

  • bounce For, underneath him was the bare floor of the barn, with no soft hay on which to fall-on which to bounce up and down like a rubber ball.
  • dunce Many a distinguished man has been rather notorious as a child for bad memory, so that in the early days when memory was the only faculty called upon at school he was set down as a dunce.
  • jounce These consisted of a heavy platform, four or five by eight or ten feet in size, mounted on two large, solid wheels, sawed out of logs, and were exceedingly primitive in appearance, although the owners sometimes decorated them elaborately; while the wheels moved on coarse, wooden axles, affording the traveler more jounce than restful ride.
  • nuance "Cannot madame perceive a troublesome nuance, which, in another place, might make her position uncomfortable?"
  • once He had got the better of us once more.
  • ounce Think what virtue there must be in an ounce of gnats or mosquitoes, or in the fine mysterious food the chickadee and the brown creeper gather in the winter woods!
  • pounce Why pounce on a pleasure merely to prevent others from having it?
  • quince Tree, a vigorous grower, and a regular, early, good bearer, of long, handsome, perfectly-formed fruit; on the quince or pear stock.
  • sane You look remarkably sane.
  • sauce Add to the sauce a good piece of butter with a teaspoonful of flour rubbed into it and boil two minutes.
  • science The descriptive anatomist of the human body aims at no higher walk in science than this, and hence his nomenclature is, as it is, a barbarous jargon of words, barren of all truthful signification, inconsonant with nature, and blindly irrespective of the cognitio certa ex principiis certis exorta.
  • sconce It was lighted throughout, and now their leader took off an electric bulb from a sconce on the wall outside the room they had come to visit.
  • seance Experienced spirits will usually detect the approach of the reaction time, and will, themselves, bring the seance to a close, independent of any action on the part of the medium.
  • sens The beautifully light and graceful transepts at Sens were built by Martin Cambiche, who was also the architect of Beauvais Cathedral and likewise drew the plans for the west front of St. Pierre at Troyes.
  • sense And then they turn to look at the west window,-the new window, the boast of the parish,-at which even old Solomon strains his withered eyes with a sense of pride.
  • sine The Americans had come to Ghent to settle two outstanding problems-blockades and indemnities for attacks on neutral commerce-and to insist on the abandonment of impressments as a sine qua non.
  • singe The following is the way you should do it: procure the head with as much of the neck attached to it as possible (the hog must have been stabbed in the neck, not hit on the head as that would have broken the skull); then singe it well over the flame of a fire, then wipe it with a cloth, scrape well with a knife without scratching the skin, and place it on a cloth upon its skull; open it very carefully without piercing the skin, leaving no flesh whatever upon the bones; bone the neck of the pig, and cut it into small fillets two inches long, place the head on a board and rub it with half a pound of brown sugar, let it remain for one hour; then place it in a salting tub, and throw over it six pounds of salt, place in two quarts of ale, four bay-leaves, half an ounce of peppercorns, a quarter ditto of cloves, six blades of mace, eight sliced onions, ten sprigs of thyme, ten of winter savory, and two sliced carrots; stir it well up, and let it remain for two hours; then pour over the head, which turn every day for eight or ten days, rubbing it well; when sufficiently salted, take it out and dry it on a cloth, lay the head straight before you, skin side upwards; have ready six or eight pounds of forcemeat, but using pork instead of veal, with which cover the head an inch in thickness at the thinnest part; put the fillets cut from the neck in a layer lengthwise in the head, with a long piece of fat bacon, half an inch square, between each, sprinkle a little chopped eschalots, pepper, salt, and grated nutmeg over, and continue filling with forcemeat and the other ingredients until you have used the whole, finishing by covering forcemeat over; join the two cheeks together with the above in the interior, sew it up with pack-thread, giving it the shape of the head as much as possible, and fold it in one or two large thin cloths, leaving the ears out and upright.
  • sluice It looked like closing up sluice-gates to hinder the invasion of a high tide.
  • source A third source of trouble arose out of the wars with the Kafirs on the eastern border.
  • stance We walked on together to the next tee, and Braid was taking his stance when we heard two gentlemen eagerly discussing and explaining the recent bunker incident.
  • sun The sun is very warm and shelter is very agreeable.
  • sundae The Chocolate Box Secrets (2015) Bittersweet (2013) Chocolates and Flowers (2014) Hopes and Dreams (2014) Moon and Stars (2014) Life is Sweet (2015) Chocolate Box Girls Collection (omnibus) (2015) Lost and Found Love from Lexie (2017) Novels Dizzy (2004) Indigo Blue (2005) Driftwood (2005) Scarlett (2006) Love, Peace and Chocolate (2007) Sundae Girl (2007) Lucky Star (2007) Ginger Snaps (2008) Cupcakes & Kisses (2009) Angel Cake (2009) Looking-Glass Girl (2015) The Broken Heart Club (2016) Omnibus Daizy Star and the Pink Guitar / Strike a Pose Daizy Star / Shine on Daizy Star / Her Evil Twin / This Totally Bites (2011) (with Mimi McCoy) Collections Our City (2008) (with John Fardell and Vivian French) Novellas Ice Cream and Dreams (2008) Snowflakes and Wishes (2014) Non fiction The Cathy Cassidy Dreams and Doodles Daybook (2008) Letters to Cathy (2009)
  • sunder The aim was to constitute a body far more national than the corrupt Protestant clique that sat in Parliament, and, after overawing that body, to sunder the connection with England.
  • sung I sing him now as I shall sing him again; I sing him now as I have sung before.
  • sunk Everybody knows that hundreds of ships carrying gold and silver have gone down in storms or been sunk in war.
  • sunni Main article: Religion in Burkina Faso While exact statistics on religious affiliation are not available and vary widely, the Government estimated in its most recent census (1996) that approximately 60 percent of the population practice Islam, and that the majority of this group belong to the Sunni branch.
  • sunny It was a still, sunny day.
  • sunset It was almost sunset now.
  • sync Sultan Bathery is a historical place and its ancient history goes in sync with the history of Wayanad.
  • Sans Qui vit sans folie, n'est pas si sage qu'il croit.
  • Since The business has slackened off, and we haven't had a deal since the Spillsbury affair, and that won't last very long.
  • Spence "Well, so long, Jack," said Spence, as he led forth his horse.
  • Sunned Got up and sunned the ball cartridges, some of which had been damaged by the damp, and overhauled the pumps which had gotten out of order.
  • Eunice But after Eunice came- But, after all, what is the use of going over these last miserable years like this?
  • Suse The alliance comprised Caldera International, SUSE Linux, Turbolinux, and Conectiva.
  • Susie "You see the disease, but not the remedy," sighed Susie.
  • SINEs In Mathematics he was greater Than Tycho Brahe, or Erra Pater: For he, by geometric scale, Could take the size of pots of ale; Resolve, by sines and tangents straight, If bread or butter wanted weight; And wisely tell what hour o' th' day The clock does strike, by Algebra.
  • Sons His sons-in-law are the Rev.
  • singes One of the most daring exploits by a member of the regiment was that performed by Sergeant Matthew Jenkins, a Chicago boy and member of Company F. On September 20, at Mont des Singes, he went ahead of his comrades and captured from the Boche a fortified tunnel which by aid of his platoon was held for thirty-six hours without food or ammunition, making use of the enemy machine gun and munitions until relieved.
  • sins I understand that one of the unpardonable sins is putting on gloves belonging to any one else."
  • SUNS Sadu or Jalok would be feeding on his soft flesh before two suns were gone!
  • syncs
  • saunas Bally's Atlantic City contains the Spa at Ballys featuring an indoor heated swimming pool, six hot tubs, two saunas, basketball and racquetball courts, a gym, and a large outdoor deck with views of the ocean all located on the 8th level.
  • synced Citrix Cloud is compatible with any device and cloud or data center and can be synced via Citrix Cloud Connector.
  • Sunnis The Sunnis did not actively participate in the constitution-drafting process, and acceded to entering the government only on the condition that the constitution be amended.

17 words made from the letters sunce

3 letter words made from sunce:

cue, nec, nsc, sec, sue, cns, uns, sen, nsu, use, sun.

4 letter words made from sunce:

suen, scun, scen, usen, neus.

5 letter words made from sunce:


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