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How to spell SWAVED correctly?

If you're trying to type "swaved" but accidentally misspell it, don't worry! Some possible correct suggestions could be "saved", "swept" or "swayed". Double-check your spelling to ensure your message comes across clearly. Remember, small typos happen to the best of us!

List of suggestions on how to spell swaved correctly

  • Salved I salved the fresh cut on my finger with some antibiotic cream and a band-aid.
  • saved I saved a spot for you at the table.
  • sawed He sawed through the thick branch with his chainsaw.
  • Served The waiter served us the most delicious meal we've ever had.
  • shaved He shaved off his beard before the interview.
  • sieved The baker sieved the flour before adding it to the mixture.
  • Slaved I slaved away for hours, trying to finish my work before the deadline.
  • starved The kids were starved after playing outside all morning.
  • Staved He staved off hunger by eating small, frequent meals throughout the day.
  • Swabbed The healthcare worker swabbed the inside of the patient's mouth to collect a sample for testing.
  • Swagged Despite his questionable fashion sense, he swagged into the club feeling like a rockstar.
  • Swapped I swapped my laptop with my brother's.
  • sward The knight drew his sword and charged through the sward, cutting down any enemies in his path.
  • Swarmed A group of bugs swarmed around the light.
  • Swashed I accidentally got my hair wet when I went swimming, and now it's all swashed around.
  • Swathed She swathed her in a sheet.
  • swatted Someone threw a rotten egg at my head and I swatted it away.
  • Swayed I was swayed by the persuasion of my friend.
  • Sweated After running for an hour, she sweated profusely and needed to take a break.
  • SWED
  • Swerved
  • Waived The bank waived the monthly fees for the new account holders.
  • Waved She waved goodbye to her friend as the train pulled out of the station.
  • Weaved The weaved rug was a unique piece of art.
  • Wived He wived a beautiful woman and started a happy family.

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