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How to spell SWEPPED correctly?

If you're familiar with the word "swepped" but know it's a misspelling, fear not! The correct spelling is actually "swept". The letter "p" in "swepped" should be replaced with a "t". So, next time you need to use this word, remember to type "swept" correctly to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell swepped correctly

  • Sapped The rainy weather sapped my energy and left me feeling lethargic all day.
  • seeped The rainwater seeped into the cracks in the roof, causing a leak.
  • Sipped He sipped his tea slowly, savoring every sip.
  • Skipped I accidentally skipped a chapter in the book and missed a crucial part of the plot.
  • slapped My friend slapped me on the back as a congratulatory gesture after my successful presentation.
  • Slipped She slipped and fell down the stairs.
  • slopped The waitress slopped the soup all over the table.
  • Snapped She snapped a photo of the beautiful sunset over the ocean.
  • Snipped She snipped off a piece of ribbon to add to the gift box.
  • Sopped Her hair was sopped with water after she jumped in the pool.
  • Steeped She was steeped in the rich culture of her heritage.
  • Stepped She stepped into the cool water, feeling its refreshing embrace.
  • stopped
  • Supped We supped at the fancy restaurant downtown.
  • swamped I am swamped with work and don't know how I'll finish everything on time.
  • Swapped She swapped her old phone for a newer model.
  • Sweated After running for 30 minutes, I sweated so much that my shirt was soaked.
  • sweeper The sweeper was doing a great job cleaning the streets for the festival.
  • swelled My ankle swelled up after twisting it during my morning jog.
  • Swerved The car swerved to avoid hitting the bicyclist on the road.
  • Swiped He swiped left on Tinder because he didn't like her profile picture.
  • Swooped The bird swooped down to catch its prey.

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