Correct spelling for TAKLE

We think the word takle is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for takle

  • dale Come, Mr Dale, we understand one another.
  • gale I long to share my woods with thee, to fly To some black-hearted forest where the trail Of mortals lingers not,-to hear the gale.
  • kale Those on Lord Macartney's estate at Lissanore have their acre, which they cultivate in divisions with oats, potatoes, kale, and a little flax; with this they have besides the full pasturage of a cow all the year upon a large waste, not overstocked, and a comfortable cabin to inhabit, for which each pays the rent of three pounds.
  • table Peter rose suddenly from the table-they faced one another.
  • tackle Hammond had replaced her left-tackle and left half with fresh men, and, when the whistle blew, went at the work again as though she meant business.
  • tackler The Eli succeeded in this, only to crash directly into the arms of a second Harvard tackler, who bore him to the sodden earth on the Blue's fifteen-yard stripe.
  • tail "And here is a little fish for what we'll take to-day," added Twinkle Tail.
  • take I am your wife, and you shall never take that from me!
  • taken These when once put on are never taken off again.
  • taker His face was pale and his lips quivered a little as he continued: "Ten Spot is the worst of Dunlavey's set," he said; "a dangerous, reckless taker of human life.
  • talc I suppose, unless you are a sort of Sherlock Holmes of physiognomy, you can't map out a woman's face by a mere glimpse of eyes through a triangular bit of talc, already somewhat damaged by exposure to sun and wind.
  • tale Her eyes, half glad, half shy, wholly tell-tale, fall before his own.
  • talk I-let's not-let's not talk!"
  • talker My brother-in-law's friend, Mr. Cowan, was a great talker, and a good one, but he scarcely allowed me a fair share.
  • talkie The security man's walkie-talkie under his shoulder made a buzzing sound.
  • talky Moreover, he was talky, aggressive, and more inclined to be heard and felt.
  • tall The inspector went to the tall corner-cupboard and opened it.
  • tangle He could catch but tantalizing glimpses of it in the young growth along the edge of the pond, and presently it disappeared altogether behind a tangle of fallen brush.
  • tickle The harpoon hath no tickle for thee.
  • tickler "If that's the case," he said darkly, "maybe mankind deserves the tickler."
  • tile You may have noticed the urchins at their game: a bit of tile, and a variety of compartments to pass it through to the base, hopping.
  • tinkle She was seated that afternoon at her desk in the sitting-room upstairs when she heard the tinkle of the door-bell, and remembered her neighbour's promise to call.
  • toke Ther was mony a bolde lad theire bodys to bede: 55 Than thei toke theire leve and hamwarde thei zede, And alle the weke afterward thei graythed her wede, Tille hit come to the day that thei shulde do thaire dede.
  • tyke A little later, and he walks out of the inn, the Tailless Tyke at his heels.
  • Tackled You and I tackled the old Boer and you got wounded.
  • Tali The marriage badge, for example, is the Tamil tali and not the bottu.
  • Tole When I give him your note, he looked dreadful cut up, and tole me Miss Ellie had all the care and 'tention in the world, but nothin' couldn't save her.
  • Talley Findings of the court of claims in the case of Robert Talley v. the U. S. March 9, 1892.
  • takes First, there's a gentleman who takes a rifle for a fowling-piece.
  • tackles And as they drift off Jonesey tackles a slice of lunch-room pie placid.
  • taller "He is an inch and a half taller.

34 words made from the letters takle

3 letter words made from takle:

alt, kea, let, lek, lea, ate, tea, elk, eta, ale, eat, lat.

4 letter words made from takle:

etak, atle, keal, ekta, take, kelt, kale, ktla, lake, teal, tael, late, leak, teak, klet, talk, tale, leka.

5 letter words made from takle:

latke, ketal, kalte, klate.

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