Correct spelling for TEMPERSTURES

We think the word temperstures is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for temperstures

  • Tempestuous(Definition of tempestuous)
  • I've seen them all, but i must say that i think mine is the nicest and you're a perfect dear, mother, for having embroidered it for me," and, giving her mother a tempestuous hug, grace gathered her class-day finery in her arms and rushed upstairs to dress for the afternoon that the senior class looked forward to more than to graduation night itself.

  • Temperatures
  • How do the decomposing temperatures of fat compare with that of boiling water?

  • Tapestries
  • Eudoxia peered about among the tapestries and the sombre old furniture.

  • Impostures
  • Yet there can be little doubt that the majestic supremacy of mithra, through its old connection with babylon, sheltered some of the most degrading impostures of superstition.

  • Tempests
  • I love by faith to take a view of brighter scenes in heaven; the prospect doth my strength renew, while here by tempests driven.

  • Sempstress(Definition of sempstress)
  • So with her to the 'change, to buy some things, and here i first bought of the sempstress next my bookseller's, where the pretty young girl is, that will be a great beauty.

387 words made from the letters temperstures

5 letter words made from temperstures:

muses, etete, teems, trust, emeer, muste, semur, emeus, perre, turre, murse, prust, seres, prems, pruss, prese, puter, upsee, purse, prete, meurs, rempt, metre, steps, musts, purrs, treet, resus, supes, stump, reest, messe, semer, mesut, peres, rerum, meers, seems, suret, sumps, pures, spurt, trest, peets, petts, erste, suter, stept, errtu, remes, reust, rsums, metus, puses, retes, mpret, putts, muser, truss, trese, emure, treem, reste, musse, sturr, meret, stums, perst, tress, serse, tempt, reuss, rumes, ruses, rurps, putes, spets, sutee, turps, terse, smuts, sespe, perur, tetes, rupes, ruess, mutes, sture, stute, puett, metsu, meets, peter, smees, reuse, tesem, testu, emert, teter, seper, putte, steur, useem, esmer, seeme, turme, stemp, pruer, spurs, utter, muter, erupt, uteem, rumps, petru, rrsps, spume, tutee, uster, serre, rutts, retum, teemu, strum, suree, sterr, strep, ptere, reset, meese, spree, tures, petee, spurr, truer, etree, sures, turms, resum, rupee, murer, puers, temes, teers, serum, rempe, teper, murrs, seert, merse, trues, reses, epees, puree, seest, resem, upter, steer, treme, surer, setup, ermer, purer, russe, speer, tetum, press, terem, empts, ester, ruter, terts, seret, repse, ruete, treut, murre, terme, peret, strut, suets, steme, peers, mesue, rutte, upset, setum, tepes, terms, sumer, remus, temur, serpe, meuse, steet, reems, serer, treue, sperm, teres, etter, esper, smurs, surtr, users, erses, pests, trump, meter, super, meses, tetsu, retem, ruest, spuer, tepee, tumps, pesme, stees, seree, petes, stems, ruers, temer, spees, petur, setsu, rusts, seeps, teets, steep, suers, remet, septs, merer, semes, sette, sprue, esser, metts.

3 letter words made from temperstures:

pst, esr, ump, err, pus, sse, use, rem, trm, tet, mus, set, ute, esm, emu, pms, sum, tup, rum, stm, pee, pet, tee, put, sur, tss, mes, rep, per, stp, mrs, pes, sus, ter, rue, sep, sue, sup, mst, ese, res, ret, est, mps, mut, tum, rut, ert, rpm, see, pre.

4 letter words made from temperstures:

temu, errs, ruse, suer, mess, muse, tepe, sums, sree, rupe, murt, sure, mutt, rues, pust, tsur, sees, temp, mute, spur, sept, erst, must, ture, rust, stet, sups, sump, seer, teem, peru, putt, stem, sues, rurp, spue, puss, perm, peut, tute, term, muss, pest, setu, purr, rest, seep, puts, epee, pute, tree, pure, tuer, true, sspe, seem, step, ussr, sets, smut, pert, tsum, treu, puse, rump, sett, reum, sere, user, prum, peer, prut, eter, turp, rute, rsum, rete, meet, uses, suet, uper, reup, test, ruer, eure, erse, tues, tums, rutt, mere, ruts, sust, tetu, mrrt, etre, peur.