Correct spelling for TEURN

We think the word teurn is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for teurn

  • den Now, on that night, as Christian and Hopeful lay in the den, they fell on their knees to pray, and knelt till the day broke; when Christian gave a start, and said: Fool that I am thus to lie in this dark den when I might walk at large!
  • dun Then athwart the vapors dun The Easter sun Streamed with one broad track of splendor!
  • return When you return-you know-my father will need you here.
  • stern Most people think him so cold and stern.
  • tan His hat was off and poised gallantly above his head, his right hand reaching up to clasp the warm, little tan one outstretched to meet it.
  • tarn I set off walking round the tarn on my own side-the left side-expecting to anticipate him, and that he must pass me on his way up the little burnside.
  • tear Why will you tear open the wounds of your heart once more?"
  • teen = Teen= =Yee= =Shun= Fung Poo Seih Tian = Teen=
  • teeny It won't take but a little teeny bit; they'll never miss it.
  • tehran There are now signs of practical advice at Tehran, to consider the establishment of a properly constituted Persian control Board of Customs, by which a well-organized service, under the central authority, may be maintained, and a considerable increase of revenue secured.
  • ten We were all in order in ten minutes.
  • tenor But Dorothy evidently intended that Leonore should not marry Peter, if one can judge from the tenor of her remarks to Leonore in the dressing-room.
  • tenure The feudal system of land tenure was established; but its political aspect here and in France was quite different.
  • tern Teal, 164 Tern, Arctic, 192 Tern, Black, 193 Tern, Common, 190 Tit, Blue, 60 Tit, Great, 59 Tit, Long-tailed, 61 Thick-knee, 18 Thrush, Song, 33 Thrush, Mistletoe, 31 Turnstone, 127
  • teuton Since then the Teuton Order of Knights has always had among its members representatives of our family.
  • tin Here is a table, and here is a tin despatch box, which lies just where I found it.
  • tn [TN: last column in row 11 corrected to 51 from 49]
  • ton It sells, therefore, in London, at about sixteen pounds the ton.
  • torn Then we have your idea as to how the lady's handkerchief was torn-I agree with that in the main.
  • tour Her time was now employed in making preparations for her tour.
  • tourney At night in the galleries of the stars she heard their singing; and often, looking through the empty windows over the flats to which the great west wall dropped down, she saw them ride in cavalcade out of the sunset, from battle or hunt or tourney.
  • tun Yet despite all this, the solemn meal did not last more than half an hour, and it was exactly half-past twelve when the little heroine of the day, according to her usual custom, carried the brothers' dinner up to the "tun."
  • tuna The Tuna story explains why the cocoanut kernel is called 'brains of Tuna,' but it offers no etymology of Tuna's name.
  • tune A bird sang in perfect tune with his mood.
  • tunny At this spontaneous proof of warm affection, the poor Tunny, who was not accustomed to it, felt extremely touched, and, ashamed to let himself be seen crying like a child, he plunged under the water and disappeared.
  • turin What a pity that strangers do not enjoy liberty at Turin!
  • turn "Now then, turn out.
  • turner Yes, John Turner was very kind to me.
  • urn Will Earth to pagan dreams return To find from misery's painted urn That all save hope has flown,- Of Book and Church and Priest bereft, The Rock of Ages vainly cleft, Life's compass gone, its anchor left, Left,-lost,-in depths unknown?
  • Terran It was the first officer, wearing a Terran Federation Space Navy uniform of forty years, or about ten regulation-changes, ago.
  • terns Dr. Atkinson and Brewster had been left ashore with the gear, but they got no sleep because all night the terns flew round crying and protesting against their intrusion.
  • turns It turns out that I was mistaken."
  • TENN From here we marched to Chattanooga, Tenn.

42 words made from the letters teurn

3 letter words made from teurn:

ern, rue, net, ter, ent, nut, ute, ret, urn, ten, rut, tun, ert, run.

4 letter words made from teurn:

utne, rune, true, turn, uner, nute, ruen, tern, tuen, tuer, enur, rute, nuer, rent, uren, renu, tune, runt, treu, ture.

5 letter words made from teurn:

retun, untre, nuter, tuner, unter, runet, urent, runte.

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