Correct spelling for THEFUNCTION

We think the word thefunction is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for thefunction

  • defection York's defection was carefully prepared on the part of Russia; it was to be the impulse which should cause the king to take Alexander's hand.
  • definition I agreed with my father that that was impossible; but then we evidently differed widely in our definition of what the "place" might be.
  • deflection The galvanometer spot is thrown down on the drum by the inclined mirror M. The galvanometer deflection takes place at right angles to the motion of the paper.
  • dysfunction Symptoms of kidney damage caused by cephaloridine Some symptoms caused by cephaloridine are: asymptomatic, enzymuria, proteinuria, tubular necrosis, increased urea level in blood, anemia, increased hydrogen ion level in blood, fatigue, increased blood pressure, increased blood electrolyte level, kidney dysfunction, kidney damage, impaired body water balance and impaired electrolyte balance.
  • function But this can be true only of the last stages of extreme old age, when life has become a very weak, vegetative function, but hardly any crimes are committed by people in this stage.
  • junction But it was always possible that Pope might have been alarmed, and the railroad from Warrenton Junction supplied him with the means of throwing a strong force of infantry rapidly to his rear.
  • malfunction The Daily Express made a complaint in July 2016 on the clock tower malfunction; which were responded by Sabah Museum to repair it.
  • refection And he braced himself with that dour refection in front of a bric-a-brac shop.
  • reflection Jane's happiness was a reflection of his own.
  • refraction From this entire absence of any special absorption lines, it must be concluded that there is no atmosphere in the moon, a conclusion previously arrived at from the circumstance that during an occultation no refraction is perceived on the moon's limb when a star disappears behind the disk.
  • truncation As a novel modification of iCLIP, m6A-CLIP further took advantage of the m6A-induced truncation sites (MITS) to precisely map m6A sites in mRNAs.
  • unction And Caterna replied with truly Parisian unction: "I believe you, my boy!"
  • functions He was regarded as the protector and father of the country, but from his own brains and his own resources he was to furnish himself with the means of fulfilling those high functions.
  • blue-haired his blue-haired deities.
  • flood-prone Location: Southern Asia, at the head of the Bay of Bengal, almost completely surrounded by India Map references: Asia, Standard Time Zones of the World Area: total area: 144,000 sq km land area: 133,910 sq km comparative area: slightly smaller than Wisconsin Land boundaries: total 4,246 km, Burma 193 km, India 4,053 km Coastline: 580 km Maritime claims: contiguous zone: 18 nm continental shelf: up to outer limits of continental margin exclusive economic zone: 200 nm territorial sea: 12 nm International disputes: a portion of the boundary with India is in dispute; water-sharing problems with upstream riparian India over the Ganges Climate: tropical; cool, dry winter (October to March); hot, humid summer (March to June); cool, rainy monsoon (June to October) Terrain: mostly flat alluvial plain; hilly in southeast Natural resources: natural gas, arable land, timber Land use: arable land: 67% permanent crops: 2% meadows and pastures: 4% forest and woodland: 16% other: 11% Irrigated land: 27,380 sq km (1989) Environment: current issues: many people are landless and forced to live on and cultivate flood-prone land; limited access to potable water; water-borne diseases prevalent; water pollution especially of fishing areas results from the use of commercial pesticides; intermittent water shortages because of falling water tables in the northern and central parts of the country; soil degradation; deforestation; severe overpopulation natural hazards: vulnerable to droughts, cyclones; much of the country routinely flooded during the summer monsoon season international agreements: party to - Endangered Species, Environmental Modification, Hazardous Wastes, Nuclear Test Ban, Ozone Layer Protection; signed, but not ratified - Biodiversity, Climate Change, Law of the Sea

558 words made from the letters thefunction

4 letter words made from thefunction:

coin, iton, cute, nout, tone, nein, enof, tuoi, itno, noth, hito, feni, enic, noen, nith, thou, cone, chut, etto, tion, oeuf, fuet, ouen, fuit, thio, nicu, oncf, cent, fine, neoh, thoi, noce, otti, unie, hoti, euch, huit, oufi, teth, ninh, nhut, chef, nuon, iuno, noch, tent, huie, toei, huni, inec, onuf, unit, echo, hnin, finn, nonu, tehn, nett, heun, ncoh, feio, chie, echt, eich, cuti, itch, iten, thon, nieh, hice, tune, tint, tohn, hofu, huic, thot, hoef, uict, chuo, huot, foth, chue, teoh, chit, once, toti, teti, tetu, nice, hinn, oche, ufot, nhon, houf, tofu, tufo, nenu, coue, cuon, huei, hoei, ueno, cohn, chui, ofce, tuin, cuit, unho, iteh, onni, info, hint, neuf, thue, unco, enif, heft, tuni, thie, tfeu, tech, icon, tehf, nehn, foni, utne, nune, houe, cefn, etui, tuft, iott, tuti, unio, choe, htun, funo, tuho, cote, cite, ecto, nito, nute, tuoh, nhot, tite, thet, cutt, hone, fien, hunt, choi, feoh, chin, cenn, uche, euoi, nine, fuch, then, ithe, tuen, ftio, tecn, toun, ento, tohu, otic, tieu, toch, heon, inch, thun, tine, toci, toit, font, nfte, hetu, thin, tito, eiht, tuno, tout, enoh, hout, tihn, fune, etch, coen, cnut, cunt, foie, cuif, tote, tute, innu, hino, noun, thit, conn, tuto, note, neon, fuhe, coif, henn, othe, tinh, unni, nuoc, nohn, ohne, chon, ofen, fehn, chou, unti, chuf, onen, fohn, nuno, htet, onne, nuit, itoh, none, nunc.

5 letter words made from thefunction:

cotte, onuci, nicho, cient, feint, nicht, thint, nieto, toten, tieon, chone, outie, cuneo, hefti, iteco, chien, nicot, tonne, tithe, etich, cueto, ouchi, choen, notti, cheon, chenu, enitt, unnec, chuni, netco, cenon, ifoce, ihnen, hecto, thief, heico, nonce, theft, theif, conne, noite, hotte, nthin, fecht, finch, techo, tecno, niten, count, fitch, notin, ethno, unten, fithe, thuin, cotti, itten, ethin, noche, tochi, intoe, finno, fouth, intuc, fethi, chief, ennio, hutin, fetch, tench, oneth, ecton, ninth, fonte, cheif, finet, chott, einon, tonin, hotin, othet, ufton, thien, ontic, iunno, intef, nitto, tufte, fichu, hotic, noten, tenon, inonu, tofte, ennui, totec, union, tutin, chiou, theic, thune, cheun, tonic, chein, choti, titch, fenit, nicen, cnote, finot, fouet, chine, fount, tenno, toine, tonti, notch, nocht, tuite, futch, necon, toein, tinch, echui, often, hoeft, othin, ofthe, chute, unfit, nithe, otfcu, fouch, thieu, feith, thoen, henio, henin, octet, cutto, cuito, couth, teuch, funen, unite, oncet, conen, ifthe, thioe, tothe, fenni, inthe, oucht, onnie, hiten, thone, nufin, noeth, hueco, uechi, cione, touch, futon, fonet, centi, untie, tincu, fuchi, toute, focht, neihu, tueni, fenno, tocut, niche, thoft, chieu, chito, fonic, theni, nuttn, nocte, chinn, huett, titon, cinto, enfin, hofei, chouf, tenco, ifnot, totin, finne, fenin, tchen, ethio, tonci, ethoi, unoci, nicon, notte, nutin, onthe, untin, heino, cetti, otten, thiet, tineh, thion, ionut, eochu, tuten, teich, itoen, houti, hutte, outen, conti, iunch, ethic, cunei, entin, tonen, niton, cohue, cothi, hotei, echoi, fient, uninc, hoenn, tinue, ounce, foehn, tunic, incut, fonti, tinct, nitch, nohit, centu, hefni, uneth, chino, tenth, thuot, henni, cetto, nihon, nintu, teito, chuen, thout, neith, hutto, hinte.

3 letter words made from thefunction:

nun, ceo, hin, cue, iou, tun, nec, ion, ect, etc, inh, eon, fin, het, ute, toe, out, oui, unh, utc, ifc, one, not, tin, neo, ecf, hun, hie, ufo, ton, tnf, fen, oft, icu, ten, net, tie, tet, tic, ent, tnt, nut, hut, inn, nit, fch, chi, hot, oct, fit, tho, cot, hoe, tit, tot, nne, tec, uni, tiu, hen, foe, nth, otc, thc, cut, fun, ice, cio, hue, uhf, eft, ehf, con.

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