Correct spelling for THENTY

We think the word thenty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for thenty

  • Tenet
  • How soon the dominicans gave in their adhesion to the distinctive tenet of the minorites will never now be known, nor how far st. francis himself adopted it from others; but a conviction that holiness of life had deteriorated in the church and the cloister by reason of the excessive wealth of monks and ecclesiastics was prevalent everywhere, and a belief was growing that sanctity was attainable only by those who were ready to part with all their worldly possessions and give to such as needed.

  • Ghent
  • To one so far gone in poetic antiquity, ghent is not the most likely place to recall his attention; and i know nothing more about it, than that it is a large, ill-paved, dismal-looking city, with a decent proportion of convents and chapels, stuffed with monuments, brazen gates, and glittering marbles.

  • Pent
  • But my brain reeled-rings of red fire circled in the darkness before my eyes; every artery in my body seemed strained to bursting; the pent-up agony and fury of my soul were such that i thought i should go mad or drop down dead ere i gained the end of my long desire.

  • Threat
  • Tenuity
  • This woman, with her tenuity, her pallor, her haunted cheeks and temples, her large, distressed and observant eyes-dark hazel in color under brown eyebrows drawn with a precise straightness till they neared the bridge of the nose and there turning abruptly downwards, her thin and almost white-lipped mouth, her cloudy brown hair which had no shine or sparkle, her rather narrow and pointed chin, suggested to him unhealthiness, a human being perhaps stricken by some obscure disease which had drained her body of all fresh color, and robbed it of flesh, had caused to come upon her something strange, not easily to be defined, which almost suggested the charnel-house.

  • Thingy
  • Tnt
  • Sent
  • Even mollie was to be sent away.

  • Thine
  • Where are there pleasures so sweet as thine?

  • Thin
  • It was a very thin, sorrowful face which that glass reflected; so ill and careworn, so weary and sad.

  • Kent
  • From 1791 until 1797 prince edward, duke of kent, father of the present sovereign, was in command of the imperial forces, first at quebec, and later at halifax.

  • Theft
  • It was in connection with this theft that he first experienced the sensations to be described later.

  • Bent
  • He bent his head.

  • Then
  • Then you have not forgotten me?

  • Thirty
  • Threnody
  • Gent
  • Sez i, 'i have wrote to a certain gent that i would show him them ellerphants for a price.

  • Theist
  • How deeply enshrouded are felt to be the mysteries of nature, when, thousands of years after aristotle, we hear audubon confess his utter ignorance of what migrations and non-migrations mean-that 'tis hard to understand why such general laws as these should be-though their benign operation is beautifully seen in the happiness provided alike for all-whether they reside in their own comparatively small localities, nor ever wish to leave them-or at stated seasons instinctively fly away over thousands of miles, to drop down and settle for a while on some spot adapted to their necessities, of which they had prescience afar off, though seemingly wafted thither like leaves upon the wind! verily, as great a mystery is that natural religion by the theist studied in woods and on mountains and by sea-shores, as that revelation which philosophers will not believe because they do not understand-"the blinded bigot's scorn" deriding man's highest and holiest happiness-faith!

  • Lent
  • It was high time; it had been lent for hours.

  • Shanty
  • Thus there are now only about 10,000 people in the town, and some of the poorer quarters are almost deserted, the stores and taverns, as well as the shanty dwellings, empty and falling to pieces.

  • Cent
  • If sylvia lost every cent she had, we could get married just the same, and though she'd have to live simply and quietly, she wouldn't suffer.

  • Thence
  • From thence to constantinople was merely a matter of a few hours' in an ordinary steamer.

  • Vent
  • Tend
  • They had called him as they passed, and bade him come to "tend the horse."

  • Tent
  • The little old woman described the situation of the tent, and rosalie put a shawl over her head, and went in search of it.

  • Hint
  • We came as a great hint, and everybody took us."

  • Twenty
  • Than
  • Who has a better right than i?

  • Theta
  • Sin [theta] (14) n1^2 = ------- {gmh + k[mu] - a[mu]^2 cos ([gamma] - [theta])}, a sin [gamma]

  • Theater
  • The ladies in their beautiful toilettes and superb jewels showed to the greatest advantage in this brilliantly lighted theater.

  • That
  • Just tell me that!

  • Thing
  • The best thing to do is to leave them in peace!"

  • Dent
  • He left behind him two very angry persons, yet when they glanced at each other neither susan nor dent could help laughing.

  • Went
  • Thane
  • And stanley thane was all that makes true men; high thought, high purpose, loving right the best, his mind was clear and fresh as air at morn.

  • Tint
  • Rent
  • What will you rent it for that long?"

  • Ninety
  • But kurt dorn weighin' one hundred an' ninety let loose on a bunch of huns was some man!

  • They'd
  • Before that, they'd been over at sam's all afternoon.

  • Thinly
  • Hunt
  • "ah," i thought to myself, "if i might only stay here now i should draw closer and closer-i should make my discovery, hunt him down.

  • Thorny

38 words made from the letters thenty

3 letter words made from thenty:

hen, het, net, nth, tet, ent, yen, ten, ney, yet, tnt.

5 letter words made from thenty:

thyne, tenty, tenth, tynte, henty.

4 letter words made from thenty:

teny, heyn, yeth, thet, tety, nytt, tyne, yehn, hyte, ynet, teth, nyte, nett, then, yeht, nyet, tyet, thye, tehn, htet, heyt, tent.