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How to spell THINGES correctly?

If you mistakenly type "thinges" instead of "things", fear not! There are a couple of correct alternatives at your disposal. You can opt for the traditional spelling "things", which is the standard English term. Alternatively, you may consider "items" or "objects" as suitable substitutes.

List of suggestions on how to spell thinges correctly

  • hinges The door swings open and closed on its hinges.
  • thanes The thanes gathered in the great hall to hear their king's proclamation.
  • things
  • thinners The painters used thinners to dilute the paint.
  • thinness Her obsession with thinness was evident in her strict diet and rigorous exercise regimen.
  • thins She thins her herd of cattle every season.
  • tinges I have a few tinges of green in my hair.

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