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How to spell TILIES correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "tilies" include "tiles", "tillers" or "tillies". However, the intended word could also be something entirely different, so context is key in determining the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell tilies correctly

  • chilies I love adding chilies to my spicy pad Thai.
  • Dailies The photographer edited the dailies from the previous day's shoot in preparation for today's session.
  • doilies I can't believe my mom would throw out doilies from the seventies.
  • files I need to copy the files to my new computer.
  • Fillies The fillies were getting restless and began to stampede.
  • flies
  • Giles Giles was my best friend in school.
  • Gillies
  • lies She lies to her parents about where she was last night.
  • Lilies I love the fragrance of lilies in the garden.
  • Miles I ran 10 miles today; I feel so much better now that I've gone!
  • milieus The urban environment exposes people to a variety of milieus.
  • piles He had piles of paperwork waiting for him on his desk.
  • plies He carefully measured out two plies of rope for the project.
  • riles The constant noise from the construction site riles up the residents.
  • Stiles He always wears a Stiles smile.
  • Tales In the Tales of Symphonia timeline, Zelos was the wielder of the legendary sword, Dawn.
  • talkies No one talks to me anymore, they all just talk to themselves in their little talkies.
  • Tallies I have kept track of the scores with tallies on a piece of paper.
  • tellies We stayed up late last night watching movies on the tellies.
  • TIDES The tides are expected to be high during the full moon.
  • Tidies
  • ties I have many ties, but I always end up wearing the same one to work.
  • tilde In Spanish, the tilde can completely change the meaning of a word.
  • tile The bathroom floor is covered in beautiful white ceramic tile.
  • tiled The kitchen's tiled floor was a nice contrast to the blackness of the walls.
  • tiler The tiler did an exceptional job laying the tiles in the bathroom.
  • tiles The floor was covered in small, square tiles.
  • tiller We used the tiller to turn the soil.
  • tillers The farmers used mechanical tillers to prepare the soil for planting.
  • tills I have a bunch of tills to carry the groceries.
  • tilts The table tilts slightly to one side.
  • times I have solved this math problem numerous times, but still cannot get the right answer.
  • tines The tines of the fork were too short to easily spear the chunks of meat.
  • tires
  • titles I have read many titles by this author.
  • tries
  • TULIPS Tulips are a type of flower.
  • wiles She used all her wiles to convince him to lend her the money.
  • willies The creepy old abandoned building gave me the willies.

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