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How to spell TIOPS correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "tiops" instead of "tips", fear not! There are several correct suggestions that might be what you intended. "Topis" refers to certain species of antelope, while "trophs" could be shorthand for "trophies". Or perhaps you meant "tiptops", a way to describe something as being at its highest quality or peak.

List of suggestions on how to spell tiops correctly

  • biopsy She had a biopsy done on her lung to rule out a possible cancer.
  • BOPS She loves to dance to bops in her bedroom.
  • Chops I Couldn't Bring Myself To Cut The Chops At Theuberge.
  • coops There are chicken coops near the barn.
  • Cops I was almost pulled over by the cops.
  • dips
  • fops Trendy guys in Ferraris and Rolexes are the fops of the wealthy.
  • Hips I have really good hips.
  • hoops I love shooting hoops with my friends.
  • hops I love the taste of beer brewed with hops.
  • KIPS
  • Lips
  • LOOPS My loops got tangled up in yourhair.
  • lops
  • mips The MIPS processor is popular in embedded systems and is known for its high performance.
  • mops After the party, she used several mops to clean up the spilled drinks.
  • nips
  • OOPS I accidentally dropped my phone and it broke. Oops.
  • ops The IT ops team is responsible for maintaining the company's servers and network infrastructure.
  • pious Brigid behaved very pious during the ceremony.
  • PIPS She likes to eat pips.
  • POPS My favorite popsicle is a grape POPS.
  • rips
  • shops I love visiting antique shops on the weekends.
  • SIPS
  • sops She refused to accept sops from the corporation, even though her company was facing financial problems.
  • taps She was listening to taps played at a funeral service.
  • TARPS We threw the tarps over the hay bales to protect them from the rain.
  • tips Here are some tips on how to improve your writing skills.
  • tipsy After a few glasses of wine, she felt slightly tipsy.
  • tops I always make sure my grades are tops in my class.
  • TOPSY She Topsy-Turvyed him.
  • turps It looks like the turps was spilled on the floor.
  • VIPS The VIPS were given exclusive access to the private concert.
  • whops I was expecting you to do a better job than that. Whops!
  • yips He developed the yips after missing an easy putt, causing him to struggle with even the simplest shots.
  • zips I have a lot of zips in my bag.

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