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How to spell TITES correctly?

The misspelling "tites" can be corrected to "tights", which are form-fitting garments worn on the legs typically made of nylon or spandex. Alternatively, it could be corrected to "titles", referring to labels or names given to books, movies or important positions.

List of suggestions on how to spell tites correctly

  • bites She bites her lip to conceal her smile.
  • cites The professor cites several sources in his research paper.
  • dates I always pack my dates ahead of time so that I don't have to think about them during the date.
  • DOTES The grandmother dotes on her grandchildren, always showering them with love and attention.
  • KITES We flew kites on the beach last weekend.
  • Mites I have little mites crawling all over me.
  • rites During the Hindu rites, participants bathe in a sacred ghat.
  • sites I visited many historic sites while on vacation in Europe.
  • TATS He showed off his intricately designed tats to his friends.
  • TIDES The tides were particularly high due to the full moon.
  • Tidies
  • ties The company's expansion was necessary to strengthen its ties with international partners.
  • tiles The tiles in the bathroom were cracked and needed to be replaced.
  • times I have asked you to clean your room multiple times already.
  • tines The rope had been wound around the tines of the post.
  • tires The spare tires are in the trunk.
  • tithes As part of their religious practice, members of the community make regular tithes to support the church.
  • titles She Holds Degrees in Biology and Botany, Titles in Marine Biology
  • titters The comedian's jokes elicited titters from the small crowd.
  • titus
  • tortes I ordered two delicious chocolate tortes for dessert.
  • TOTES I totes love banana pudding.
  • TOTS I ordered a basket of crispy tots at the restaurant.
  • TUTS
  • tutus My mom always wears her tutus to our family fall festival.

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