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How to spell TOOLES correctly?

If you're searching for alternatives to the misspelling "tooles", consider the correct spelling "tools". This common mistake can be rectified by simply replacing the extra "e" with an additional "o". By doing so, your search results will yield the accurate and relevant information you're looking for.

List of suggestions on how to spell tooles correctly

  • boodles I have no idea what to do with all these boodles of colored pencils.
  • doles The company doles out annual bonuses to its employees.
  • doodles
  • noodles I love to eat noodles with soy sauce and green onions.
  • Oles The Oles family live on the west side of the town.
  • oodles I have oodles of work to do before I can relax.
  • poodles My neighbor breeds poodles and often takes them to dog shows.
  • stoles I stole a pair of his stoles.
  • stools We need to buy some stools for the kitchen island.
  • Tales Once upon a time, tales were passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition.
  • tiles I need to replace the broken tiles in the bathroom.
  • toddles She toddles gently down the street.
  • TOES I need to blow my nose, but I don't want to get my toes wet.
  • toggles These are the toggles that you need to find to turn the light on.
  • togolese The Togolese economy relies heavily on agriculture.
  • toilers Unlike the idle toilers of the aristocracy, the poor laborers toiled hard every day.
  • toilets The public toilets were closed for maintenance.
  • toils Despite his toils, he remained optimistic about the future.
  • Tole The hand-painted tole tray added a touch of charm to the vintage style kitchen.
  • tolls I paid the tolls on the highway.
  • tool I need a tool to pry this jammed door open.
  • tooled The high-quality tooled leather ensured a perfect fit.
  • tools I always keep my tools organized in the toolbox.
  • topless It is considered indecent exposure to be topless in public in many places.
  • topples
  • tousles She always tousles her hair when she's nervous.

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