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How to spell TOSING correctly?

If you're constantly misspelling "tosing", fret not, as there are a few suggestions to help you out. One possibility is "toesing", which could mean playfully wiggling your toes. Another option is "tossing", referring to throwing or flinging something through the air. Remember, spellcheck and proofreading are your allies!

List of suggestions on how to spell tosing correctly

  • Bossing He always tries to dominate the conversation, bossing everyone around.
  • Doing Doing my homework before dinner is always a good practice.
  • dosing
  • dousing He tried dousing the flames with a bucket of water, but it was too late - the fire had spread too far.
  • dowsing The man claimed he could find water underground by dowsing with a divining rod.
  • dozing I was dozing off during the lecture and almost missed the important point.
  • goosing He went goosing around the park.
  • Horsing I love horsing around with my dog.
  • hosing I'm hosing down the driveway to wash off the dirt.
  • housing There is a housing crisis in the United States.
  • Loosing I am constantly loosing my keys, it is becoming quite frustrating!
  • losing I am losing my patience waiting for this train to arrive.
  • lousing I have a headache from lousing around with this thing.
  • Mousing She was mousing around on her computer all day long.
  • Noising I couldn't sleep because the neighbor's dog kept noising all night.
  • Nosing He was nosing around in the dark trying to find his lost wallet.
  • Poising The acrobat was poising herself on the high wire, ready to perform her daring act.
  • posing Since she was young, she had been posing for nude pictures.
  • rosin I used some of my grandmother's old jars of rosin for this project.
  • rousing The rousing speech by the coach motivated the team to give their best performance on the field.
  • sing Can you sing karaoke with me?
  • sousing The dog was sousing in the fountain.
  • Tasking The tasking of your project will be handled by our team.
  • tasting I was pleasantly surprised by the tasting of the wine.
  • taxing I don't think it's fair for the government to taxing so much.
  • teasing We were teasing each other until we both got a little too serious.
  • Teeing He was teeing up his ball on the first hole.
  • tensing I am tensing my muscles in preparation for the race.
  • testing The testing will begin tomorrow.
  • ting
  • toasting
  • tocsin The tocsin bells rang out, signaling the start of the battle.
  • Toeing She was toeing the line, afraid to make a mistake.
  • toiling The farmers were toiling under the hot sun, trying to harvest their crops before the storm clouds rolled in.
  • Tolling
  • Toning Toning your muscles can help you build strength and become more physically fit.
  • tooling The company invested in new machinery for better tooling of their products.
  • Tooting The town of Tooting is located near the London Docklands.
  • topping I like to put whipped cream as a topping on my hot chocolate.
  • tossing She was tossing a ball back and forth with her dog in the backyard.
  • Toting She was toting a heavy bag of groceries up the stairs to her apartment.
  • Totting I was totting up my groceries when I saw the thief bending over the counter.
  • touring We're touring the new exhibit before it closes.
  • tousling After a vigorous tousling, they were both clean.
  • Touting The street vendor was touting his latest product, claiming that it was the best one on the market.
  • Towing The towing company arrived to transport the car to the mechanic.
  • toxin A toxin is a poisonous chemical that can harm the body.
  • toying
  • tying She started tying her shoelaces as soon as she got out of bed.
  • using

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