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How to spell TRDED correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "trded" instead of "traded", worry not! Auto-correct might have failed you, but here's the correct spelling. Double-check spellcheck settings, ensure correct keyboard layout or try using predictive text. Always proofread before hitting send to dodge any embarrassing typos in important messages.

List of suggestions on how to spell trded correctly

  • dried I prefer to use dried herbs in my cooking instead of fresh ones.
  • eroded The cliffs had eroded over time, revealing layers of different colored sediment.
  • graded I graded the students' essays based on their grammar, content, and organization.
  • Prided As a strong supporter of equal rights, she prided herself on treating everyone with respect and kindness.
  • Tared I took a Tared to avoid getting caught.
  • Tarred The wooden deck was tarred to protect it from the elements.
  • Tended She tended the garden, her back against the sun-warmed stones.
  • Tided She tided her messy room before her parents arrived home.
  • Tidied She tidied her bedroom before creeping downstairs to make coffee.
  • tired
  • Toted My purse is toted by me everywhere I go.
  • traced The detective traced the suspect's whereabouts to a nearby motel.
  • trad I'd love to try some trad cuisine.
  • trade I work in the trade industry selling and buying goods.
  • traded I traded my old car for this one.
  • trader The trader was able to profit from both buying and selling stocks in the market.
  • trades John trades stocks on the stock market.
  • tread We need to tread carefully in this delicate situation.
  • treed
  • trend This year's trend in fashion seems to be oversized jackets.
  • Trended The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter trended on Twitter for several days after the death of George Floyd.
  • triad The three colors in a triad are blue, green, and yellow.
  • tried I tried the team sports but I'm not very good at them.
  • Trod She trod carefully along the icy pavement, wary of slipping and falling.
  • trowed The logs were trowed into the fire before the night fell.
  • Trudged She trudged through the muddy fields on her way home from school.
  • trued "I trued the wheels on my bicycle to ensure a smooth ride.

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