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How to spell TRIANING correctly?

For the misspelling "trianing", there are a few correct suggestions that can rectify the error. The correct spelling is "training", and some possible suggestions include "training", "taining", "traning", and "tranning". It is advisable to cross-check and proofread the word before finalizing it.

List of suggestions on how to spell trianing correctly

  • Craning She was craning her neck to catch a glimpse of the parade.
  • grinning The little boy was grinning from ear to ear after receiving his birthday present.
  • groaning As the hiker reached the top of the steep mountain, he couldn't help but let out a groaning sigh of relief.
  • tinning The process of tinning the copper wire makes it more resistant to corrosion.
  • tracing The detective was tracing the suspect's steps through the city in order to solve the case.
  • trading
  • training At the training camp, the new recruits were given training on how to fight.
  • Treading She was treading carefully through the dense jungle, trying not to make a sound.
  • Treating Treating a sore throat with honey and lemon is a natural remedy.
  • trialing The company is currently trialing a new software program to test its effectiveness.
  • Tricking Tricking people into believing in something false is unethical.
  • trilling She has a Trilling laugh.
  • trimming She spent all afternoon trimming the bushes in her front yard.
  • tripping I was tripping over my own feet while trying to dance.
  • truanting I will not be caught truanting from school again.
  • Twining The tree branches were twining around each other, creating a beautiful natural art installation.
  • twinning I love when friends or siblings dress alike, it's like they are twinning!

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