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How to spell TRIDED correctly?

If you've misspelled "trided" and need the correct suggestion, consider "tried" instead. The word "tried" is the past tense of "try" and commonly used to indicate attempting or experimenting. Double-checking your spelling can ensure your message is clear and accurate.

List of suggestions on how to spell trided correctly

  • Derided He derided his opponent's proposal as unrealistic and impractical.
  • dried The clothes must be dried before they can be folded and put away.
  • Prided Jane prided herself on her ability to create delicious meals from scratch.
  • Raided The police raided the suspected drug dealer's house early in the morning.
  • Tided
  • Tidied I tidied up my bedroom before my guests arrived.
  • tired
  • trade He wanted to learn a trade and become a skilled craftsman.
  • traded The company traded its old equipment for new ones.
  • treed The dog was treed by the squirrel and couldn't get down.
  • Trended The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter trended on social media platforms for several weeks after the murder of George Floyd.
  • triad The musical triad of notes formed a beautiful harmony.
  • trident The king held a trident in his hand as he stood atop the palace balcony.
  • tried I tried my best to win the race, but I came in second place.
  • trite The author's writing was filled with trite cliches that did not add anything new to the story.
  • trued

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