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How to spell TSAYS correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "tsays", here are a few suggestions to correct it: "says", "stays" or "essay". Double-checking spellings is important to maintain clarity in your writing. Remember to proofread and use a reliable spell-checker to catch such errors and make the necessary corrections.

List of suggestions on how to spell tsays correctly

  • assays The laboratory conducted several assays on the samples to ensure accurate results.
  • days I am planning a trip to Europe for 10 days.
  • drays John has a drays load of laundry to do.
  • Essays
  • SARS The SARS virus is a serious syndrome which is caused by a new type of coronavirus.
  • sass She had enough of his sass and gave him a stern look.
  • saws
  • says
  • stays The cat stays in the sunbeam for as long as possible.
  • tabs I always have multiple tabs open on my internet browser.
  • TADS The acronym TADS stands for "Theatre Area Development Society".
  • tags The tags on the clothing indicate the size and material.
  • TAMS A tropical island paradise, TAMS is a place for relaxation and escape.
  • TANS I am going to take a TANS bath.
  • taps
  • Tars Tars are thick, sticky substances that can be found in many natural compounds.
  • TASS
  • TATS He proudly displayed his detailed sleeve of tats.
  • TAUS She had a TAUS commute.
  • teaks After our hike we went for a dip in the refreshing swimming hole next to the teaks.
  • teals My aunt owns a pair of teals which she's not quite sure what to do with.
  • teams The teams are competing to win the championship trophy.
  • tears She wiped away her tears as she tried to compose herself.
  • TEAS I love to try different types of teas from around the world.
  • TEATS With big teats, she was sure to make a good milk cow.
  • TOADS The garden was filled with toads after the rain.
  • Toys My nephew loves to play with toys.
  • Trays The server carried the trays of food to the tables in the restaurant.
  • treys The basketball team made twelve treys in the final quarter, securing their victory.
  • TTYS
  • TWAS

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