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How to spell TTYING correctly?

If you're trying to spell "ttying" but are being told it's incorrect, consider alternative words like "trying" or "tying". "Trying" indicates making an effort or attempting something, while "tying" refers to fastening or securing. These options will convey your intended meaning accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell ttying correctly

  • Drying The drying process takes several hours.
  • dying The patient was dying of a rare disease.
  • Hying The messenger was hying to deliver the urgent message to the King.
  • lying I caught my friend lying about eating the last slice of pizza.
  • pitying She looked at him, pitying his sad expression.
  • Puttying I always dread the task of puttying the nail holes in the wall after painting a room.
  • retying After he finished repairing the fence, he began retying the loose knots on the ropes.
  • Staying Staying active and eating well are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • tatting My tatting skills are quite rudimentary.
  • Teeing Teeing off on the first hole, the golfer felt a rush of excitement.
  • Tidying
  • ting The sound of the metal hitting the floor was followed by a loud ting.
  • Tithing Many religious institutions require their followers to practice tithing as a way to support the church or community.
  • Toeing Toeing the line between right and wrong can be a difficult task.
  • Toting She was toting a heavy suitcase behind her as she walked towards the airport terminal.
  • Totting My mom always totting up the grocery bill.
  • toying
  • trying
  • tying She was tying her shoes when her phone rang.
  • typing I am currently typing a response to your message.
  • Vying The two companies are vying for the top spot in the market.

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