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How to spell TUS correctly?

The misspelling "tus" could possibly be corrected to "thus", "tusk", "tush" or "tubs". It ultimately depends on the context of the sentence and what word would make the most sense. Proofreading and using a spell-check tool can help catch and correct misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell tus correctly

  • bus
  • Gus Gus is a dog.
  • hus
  • mus
  • NUS The National University of Singapore (NUS) is one of the top universities in Asia.
  • pus There was pus oozing out of his wound.
  • TAUS Their cups were empty, so they left to get some more Taus.
  • TBS TBS is a cable channel that broadcasts a variety of television shows and movies.
  • thus Thus the rash young man learned his lesson and thus avoided conflict in the future.
  • TS
  • Tu
  • tub I need to get a tub for my new fish.
  • tubs I need to get a bucket to fill the tubs.
  • Tue I have a meeting with Tue at 5pm.
  • tues I can't wait for Tues day to come because it's my day off work.
  • tug The children gave the rope a strong tug and pulled the box closer to them.
  • tugs The little boy tugs at his mother's shirt, begging for a piece of candy.
  • tum
  • tums I took two Tums to relieve my heartburn.
  • tun I wanted to tun my guitar in, but the tuner was broken.
  • TUNS I need to put my TUNS into the computer.
  • tush When Harry sits down, he often shifts his weight onto his tush to get comfortable.
  • tusk I was surprised to find the animal had a long tusk.
  • Tut Tut, tut, let's not be hasty in making a decision.
  • TUTS
  • tux
  • TVS I need to buy a new TVS for my living room because the old one stopped working.

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