How to spell TYPEW correctly?

We think the word typew is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell typew correctly

  • dupe I didn't realize the product was a dupe and spent too much money on the original.
  • hype The hyped-up anticipation for the new movie left many fans disappointed.
  • pew I sat on a pew in the church and listened to the choir sing.
  • spew The volcano began to spew smoke and ash into the air.
  • taipei Taipei is the bustling capital city of Taiwan.
  • tap He gave the keg a tap with the hammer to release the beer.
  • tape I need to buy some tape to wrap this package.
  • taped She taped the note to the fridge so she wouldn't forget to buy milk.
  • taper I need to taper off my caffeine intake because it's been causing me headaches.
  • tapper The musician was known as a master tapper, creating intricate rhythms with his feet.
  • taupe My shirt is a deep taupe.
  • tepee The family erected a tepee for their camping trip.
  • tip I left a generous tip for the waiter.
  • tipper The tipper left an extra $20 bill for the waiter who provided excellent service.
  • top I placed the glass jar on top of the shelf.
  • topee He was wearing a topee.
  • topi The topi was the traditional headwear of the Ethiopian people.
  • topper I need to get a topper for my cake.
  • toupee He wore a toupee on the top of his head to cover his bald spot.
  • tupi The tupi people are the original natives of Brazil.
  • TWP The time zones are approximate.
  • tyke My little tyke is so adorable.
  • type I need to figure out what type of cake to bake for the party.
  • typed I typed my essay on a computer because it was neater than my handwriting.
  • types I have many different types of friends.
  • typo
  • typos I always double-check my emails for typos before hitting send.
  • tyre I need to replace the tyre on my bike before I can ride it safely.

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