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How to spell UMPED correctly?

If you meant to type "umped" but spelled it incorrectly, here are some possible correct suggestions: jumped, bumped, pumped, dumped, lumped. Double-check the context and intended meaning to ensure you choose the most appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell umped correctly

  • Aped
  • Bumped The car in front suddenly stopped and I bumped into it.
  • Camped We camped at the national park for two nights and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
  • Damped She carefully damped the surface of the paper with a damp cloth.
  • dumped She was devastated when she found out her boyfriend had dumped her for another girl.
  • humped The camel humped through the hot desert.
  • impede The traffic jam would impede our ability to arrive on time.
  • impend There is a sense of dread in the air as the deadline for the project begins to impend.
  • Jumped I jumped when the door opened.
  • Limped After being wounded in the leg, he limped along the road to safety.
  • Lumped All the clothes were lumped together in the corner.
  • moped I'm thinking about getting a moped so I can get around more easily.
  • OPED The article opens with a discussion of the oped.
  • pumped She was so pumped about her new job she was practically glowing.
  • Romped Our dog Romped around the park all afternoon.
  • Tamped After dinner, I cleaned the kitchen and then tamped the floor.
  • temped I am feeling a bit temped to go out tonight.
  • Thumped I was thumped on the back of the head by Bill.
  • ump I heard someone say "ump" earlier.
  • Umpired "Ben umpired the baseball game last night.
  • UMPS Undermining the mob rule is what the UMPs are all about.
  • upped I've upped my coffee intake today.
  • Vamped I am Vamped, and ready to drink your blood.

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